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Here at money mentor we firmly believe that everybody should strive to attain a certain level of financial literacy and become equipped with the skills, knowledge, and ability, to understand money and how the system works. Without such an understanding, you are likely to be taken advantage of in one way or the other, and lose out financially in the process. 

Money-mentor's mission is to enhance people’s awareness and knowledge on money related issues, thus enabling them to take control of their own finances themselves, with help, guidance and support from us.

We do this via education in financial literacy through our books and e-books, website materials and mentoring and money coaching sessions. Subjects covered can include debt management, objective setting and goal planning, budgeting, saving, tax efficient products, reasons for long term investing and ongoing support. If you need a financial coach or financial mentor, then please look at our coaching pages.


We are not financial advisers. We do not provide recommendations of specific investments to buy or sell, and are therefore not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Phil Bellamy FCII AMInstLM

Phil has been an employee, manager, director, non executive director, employer, landlord, entrepreneur, business owner, seed investor, angel investor and pension scheme chairman, as well as being a keen private investor for more than three decades.


He has practiced in the financial services sector for most of his working life and is a Fellow of the industry, as well as a Chartered Insurer.

He was semi-retired before the age of 50, and now owns his own company, and acts as a specialist consultant on various business activities, including angel investing.


Phil also authors books on financial education and money well-being. He is also a popular investor on the eToro trading and investment platform, where he manages and runs his own UK based equity fund under the name copycatcash which allows other private investors to copy his portfolio and trades in real time.

Gemma Bellamy.png
Gemma Ball Cert CII

Gemma has over ten years experience in the financial services sector, working in a well know stockbrokers and also as a mortgage underwriter with the Bank of Ireland.

Gemma's role is to look after the mentoring and coaching appointments and diary, as well as the administration side of 


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