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Everybody, especially young people, should strive to attain a certain level of financial literacy and become equipped with the skills, knowledge, and ability, to understand money and how the system works.

Without such an understanding, you are likely to be taken advantage of in one way or the other, and lose out financially in the process.

There are many unsavoury characters and unscrupulous businesses and organisations out there, just waiting to help themselves to the hard-earned money of the financially uneducated.

Don’t let this be you. Take control now, and fight back against the system!

Money and financial literacy 

By becoming financially literate, you will be in control of making your own smart financial decisions, and therefore not falling prey to the system. You will have money work hard for you, instead of you working hard for it.

It isn’t just the obvious financial criminals who will try and take your money from you, such as online fraudsters and scam artists. It’s also the legitimate businesses, who will smile at you whilst they do it. This latter group includes banks, loan companies, insurance companies, utilities, phone and broadband suppliers to name but a few.

They won’t give you their best deal unless you demand it. They will try and charge you what they think they can get away with, and hope that the majority of people don’t notice because they don’t know any different.   

This “profits first” approach, can also apply to supermarkets and even your employers. Supermarkets try to bamboozle their loyal customers with all sorts of offers, whilst not giving them any sort of deal at all, if you look close enough. Whereas some employers will try to exploit you with low pay, long hours, poor working conditions, or even worse, if you don’t know any different, and let them get away with it.   

Learn about money


Learning and understanding about money and finance is not complicated, and yet so many people struggle with the basic concepts, either through a lack of financial education being taught during school, college and university, or a lack of interest in learning about it, once they leave formal education.

This lack of interest to learn, maybe down to people thinking that finance is either too complicated, boring, or both, but it doesn’t have to be either!

Through the simple process of saving and investing small amounts of money on a regular basis, and harnessing the power of compound interest, small sums can grow into exciting life-changing sums, easily capable of replacing a salary and providing financial freedom.

This website aims to empower young people, and investment beginners, with a broad range of financial knowledge, so they can understand the way the system works, how they can use the system to their best advantage, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Money related matters and subjects can span many different areas in peoples lives.

This section of the website takes a look at some of the main areas of interest, such as; What is money? Where did it come from?  Understanding needs and wants, How to live within your means, Budgeting, Financial independence, Financial products, What is inflation, and much more.....



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Saving Money 


You can save money in several different ways. The most obvious, and easiest is simply not to spend it in the first place, but this is not always possible. Even on essential purchases, good savings can be made by knowing the tricks of the trade.

Savings Accounts


All savings accounts have the same overall purpose of trying to increase your money by the payment of “interest”. Interest simply being the “reward”, for allowing the bank to look after and use your money. 



In order to save money, you need to create a budget and identify how much you can realistically save each month. You must stick to your budget robustly, which will take discipline and determination.