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7 Business Ideas in the UK

Updated: May 19, 2022

Over the years, the United Kingdom has been identified as one of the major economies of the world. This has paved the way for businesses in the UK to thrive.

A good business idea in the UK is a great way to earn extra income or to establish yourself even as a self-employed individual.

Business Ideas in the UK
Business Ideas in the UK

Business Ideas in the UK

There are different types of businesses you can start in the UK, ranging from small home-based businesses to large enterprises.

However, if you are looking for a fresh and profitable business idea, this article is for you. Here are 7 business ideas in the UK you can thrive in.

#1. Website Consultant

The world we now live in has gone digital, it might be rare to find any business without a website or an online presence.

Although, websites are not the easiest to build or reserve. It often involves having skills in SEO, managing web content and even managing host services.

However, with efficient skills in graphics design and copywriting service, you can make a lot of cash from home.

#2. Upholstery or Furniture Repair

Upholstery is an act of recycling furniture by adding soft coverings that make them more comfortable to sit on.

This has been identified as a popular trend where a person picks up a bargain and revitalizes its appearance.

Most people believe that they have a unique idea that can help restore old and outdated furniture. As truthful as this could be, there are certain skills a person must possess before they can put their idea to use.

To ensure the job is properly done here, sewing is a great skill to master as well as speed.

#3. Real Estate Business

There are numerous scholars in the UK, who come from different corridors of the world to live their big dream and achieve their aim.

As big as the name real estate sounds, you can start this business by rendering agency services mostly for the millennials.

Also, if you have properties in the UK, you can start renting it out to people who need it and earn yourself extra cash out of it.

These ideas are great for those that want to get into real estate business.

#4. Babysitting

This is also known as childcare in the UK. It is one of the 7 business ideas in the UK you might want to consider seeing that It involves taking care of a little child.

This business will always be in high demand because there is always a case of childbirth. Also, parents will require this service when they need to go out to work and provide for their families.

Babysitting is a well paid business not limited by set hours. This is why you need to ensure that you are healthy enough to look after another’s child.

This business thrives faster with a team that can refer itself to the next neighbor who urgently needs a babysitter.

Because this line of business involves child safety, license, and certificate, an updated disclosure and Barring Service check are mandatory for babysitters. More details about these documents can be obtained on website.

The UK government also provides Childcare Business Grants for anyone setting up a nursery, childminder or after school service.

#5. Business Trainer

You can consider being a business trainer if you are a busy parent. Also, if you're just looking for a business you can operate from the comfort of your home, this idea would be of great importance to you.

Business trainers are also identified as coaches and are assumed to be professionals in their field.

You can indeed work from home by setting up an online coaching business. However, it is important you build a community by sharing your own knowledge and skills with other professionals.

There are plenty of openings to grow your coaching business especially if you have the qualifications and the experience needed to train others.

Who knows, someday you could become a public speaker, write a book, run webinars or podcasts.

#6. Catering

Catering involves providing food for anyone who craves a well prepared homely food. As long as you enjoy cooking and you know what flavor is most suitable for a particular meal then you are ready to start your catering business.

You can consider using a mobile food joint in locations where restaurants are far away from where people can get food when they are hungry. You can also consider cooking for a particular community whose local dish is not easily found in any restaurant.

On the other hand, you can start your catering business from home and as your customer base expands, move to a different location.

However, catering is one of the 7 business ideas in the UK that you might want to embrace. It is important you know that the catering industry is highly regulated.

Frequently, you must always consider your environment, documents, instruments, waste, hygiene, food safety, menu, pricing, storage, etc.

#7. Online Store

Just like Amazon, you can be the next biggest online trading platform. Starting your online store simply means selling products people would need and being able to explore these products often even when they are not fully available in other stores.

You do not have to come up with an entirely new idea for your online store as it is okay to repeat history.

Most of what we see in today’s fashion started a couple of years back. And since these ideas just keep coming back, it is okay to reinvent yours.

business ideas

All you need to do is to find a taste that is preferred by your clients and create that as your own niche.

You should also consider providing a delivery service to help your clients get their products easily. Having a great online store and a reliable delivery service is one of the best ways to make that extra cash.


Whether you want to run a small business or a huge enterprise, the UK is the right place to build your business idea. You can pick one out of these 7 business ideas in the UK and earn some extra cash.

There are also several handy home business ideas for anyone who due to uncontrollable reasons would want to work from home. You can also get home insurance that covers any existing home business.

With our variety of business ideas in the UK, we are sure that you will have the right inspiration to start your own business.

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