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5 Day Trading Tips 2023

Updated: May 9, 2023

If you are a trader, then take a look at our new 5 day trading tips to make money.

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5 Day Trading Tips 2023


The first of our day trading tips is when the price clears a specific level on your chart, breakout tactics are used with higher volume. After the asset or security breaks above resistance, the breakout trader takes an extended position. Alternatively, after the price breaks below support, you can begin a short position.

Volatility frequently rises after an asset or security trades above a predetermined price barrier, and prices tend to trend in the breakout direction.

To trade, you must first determine which instrument to use. While doing so, keep in mind the asset's support and resistance levels. The more frequently certain levels have been reached, the more valid and significant they have become.

Entry Point

This section is simple and easy to understand. A bearish position is required if prices close above resistance levels. If prices are set to close below a support level, a bullish position is necessary.

Plan your exist

Based on the asset's recent performance, create a sensible price target. The accuracy of this method will be improved by using chart patterns. You might use the average recent price movements to create a target.

If the average price swing over the last several price swings was 3 points, this would be a solid target. Once you've met your goal, you can close the trade and enjoy the profit.


Scalping is one of the most popular day trading tips strategies. It's prevalent in the currency market, where it tries to profit from tiny price movements. Quantity is the driving factor. You'll look to sell the deal as soon as it gets profitable.

This is a fun and fast-paced way to trade and make money, but it can also be dangerous. To balance out the low risk versus reward ratio, you'll need a high trade probability.

Keep an eye out for volatile instruments with appealing liquidity, and be quick on your feet when it comes to timing. You can't wait for the market; you need to get rid of losing trades right away.


This day trading tips approach, which is popular among beginner trading strategies, is based on acting on news sources and spotting significant trending moves with the help of considerable volume. There is always at least one stock that moves 20-30% per day, so there is plenty of potentials. Hold your position until signs of reversal appear, and then exit.

You can also make the price decline fade. As soon as volume starts to decline, you'll hit your price target this way.

This procedure is easy and effective when used correctly. You must, however, be aware of upcoming news and earnings announcements. On each deal, the gap between your end-of-day gains and your end-of-day profits could be as small as a few seconds.


Reverse trading is utilized worldwide, despite being widely contested and potentially harmful when employed by amateurs. Trend trading, pullback trending, and a mean reversion approach are all terms used to describe this day trading tips strategy.

Because you're trying to trade against the trend, this technique defies logic. You must be able to estimate the strength of potential pullbacks as well as to detect them precisely. You'll need a lot of market knowledge and experience to achieve this well.

Because it focuses on buying and selling the daily low and high pullbacks/reverses, the 'daily pivot' technique is considered a particular case of reverse trading.

5-Using Pivot Points

A day trading tips pivot point technique can be beneficial when it comes to detecting and acting on crucial support and resistance levels.

It's beneficial in the FX market. Range-bound traders can use pivot points to locate critical levels that must be broken for a move to count as a breakout, while trend and breakout traders can use pivot points to seek key levels that must be broken to count as a breakout.

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