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7 Student Money Saving Tips

Updated: May 16, 2022

There are so many activities that can make you spend your money as a student. Since you cannot work full time because of your studies, the most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of money you spend and how you can save on the little that you have.

Spending too much can make you accumulate a lot of debt. These seven student money saving tips can help you get started on your journey to financial freedom.

Student Money Saving Tips image
Student Money Saving Tips

1. Make a budget

Start making a budget. When you follow what is coming in and going out of your bank account, it automatically makes you focus on your purchase and start saving money, making it one of the best student money saving tips.

The good thing is, technology has made budgeting easy. You no longer use a lot of time filling out spreadsheets. Many budgeting apps can automatically link to your bank account and start following your expenditure.

2. Cook at home

Eating outside is the most expensive thing you can do, especially when you study in a big city where restaurants are costly.

By shopping in bulk and making your meals, you will save a lot. Try and cut down on consuming outside your home as much as possible.

You can also pack your meals for the day; it will save a lot of money.

3. Buy second-hand goods

Buying second-hand goods can be a good student money saving technique since prices are mostly lower than brand new items.

Spend time at your charity shops near your university and look for second-hand things; you can be surprised with the high-quality clothes, ornaments, and books you can find- all for a bargain price.

4. Reduce spending on entertainment

Most people think entertainment means spending a lot of money on parties, movies, and clubs. There is so much free entertainment you can find in any city; it only requires a little effort to find them.

You can use the internet to find them. Remember, most clubs and cinemas offer discounts to students. Joining a student club can be the best idea!

5. Negotiate on bills

Rich people and big companies sometimes bargain. If you are an excellent tenant who never misses a payment, you can ask your landlord to lower your rent.

It can be the best student money-saving tip. You can also revisit your plan for phone and cable bills and contact your provider. You will be surprised to learn that you can get the better service for less money.

6. Live near the institution

Living near the institution is another student money-saving strategy. Transport costs can eat much of your budget. Living near the institution can help cut off this cost and save more than 20% of your money.

Also, there are many cheaper services you can get in an institution that is expensive outside.

7. Look for free money

While we all know it is difficult to get free money, there are so many places you can get it for free. What you have to do is apply for bursaries and scholarships. Many scholarships do not receive a lot of applicants, so it’s worth the try.

student money saving tips

Student Money Saving Tips - Conclusion

In conclusion, It is hard to save money as a student since there are so many ways to spend it. Luckily, if you can use these seven student money saving tips, you can save a lot of money without any struggle making your stay friendly and memorable!

Why not take a look at our Master the Art of Money Book? its essential reading for any student looking to save money.

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1 Yorum

04 Kas 2023

It's a cool article, not every day you see something like this, especially in the context of what is being said for students. Personally, I am quite familiar with this topic, because in my student years, the situation with money was tense. But I still found solutions, and probably one of the best was that when I asked for help with my application for economic studies, I immediately realised that I would rather pay for the result now than pay huge amounts of money to retake the subject later. In this way, I gradually immersed myself in the correct economic logic, which later improved the course of affairs, but your articles do it much faster.

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