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The Work from Home Phenomenon – How about Transcribing to Boost your Income

Working from home has become the norm for so many people in recent years. The lockdowns in 2020 and since due to Covid-19 meant that a whole host of people who had never worked at home before, suddenly had no choice but to. As the world opened back up, many people continued to work from home or in hybrid roles where they spend some time in an office and some time working remotely.

For those who are interested in making the full-time switch to remote work, or you are looking for a part-time income, there are some incredible opportunities out there, including working for a UK transcription company and other similar roles where there is no real requirement to physically be in an office.

How about Transcribing to Boost your Income

Cost of living and working from home

Working from home has its benefits for both workers and employers. For a remote worker you no longer have to worry about the time and cost of the commute every day, there are fewer distractions which helps to boost productivity and focus, and it is now easier than ever before to plug in and work from any location.

For employers, there are fewer overheads to consider in terms of staffing a full office environment. As the cost of living has increased, so too has the search for other streams of income, secondary part-time jobs to supplement your main job, or a completely new remote job to provide you with flexibility and a new lifestyle.

What is transcription?

As far as flexible remote work goes, transcription services in the UK provide a role for those with strong typing skills, as it is a specialist form of data entry in its simplest form. UK transcription services take audio files and type them out verbatim to transform them into useable, digital files that can be stored and used at a later date for accuracy within a wide range of businesses.

In the age where everything is either created digitally or is required to be digitised as an extra document to its physical form, there is a greater demand for the conversion of audio files to written files than ever before.

The internet and improving technology have made it easier for those with the skills to transcribe audio files from any location, making transcription services one of the most popular remote jobs around. All you need is an active connection to the internet, headphones, and a keyboard.

Payment is simple and made by the length of audio file in most cases, and it lends itself to those who are fast and accurate with their typing, making it easier to make money from transcription services.

What are the different types of transcription services?

There are different types of transcription services on offer, covering different fields and requirements. This could include:

· Medical transcription

· Legal transcription

· Law enforcement transcription

· Journalism

Voice notes, minute taking, interviews, and other transcription services are important within all these sectors. For instance, the importance of medical notes transcribed from a doctor taking notes at the time of diagnosis needs to be accurate for the medical record of that patient.

What skills do you need to transcribe?

To get a job working remotely for UK transcriber services there are a few basic skills that are required. The person usually needs to have a typing speed of 75 words per minute, with English as first language desired. The correct software for transcription, virus and spyware protections, and headphones that are noise cancelling are desired. In most cases, you’ll be expected to pass a transcription test, a grammar exercise, and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

How much money can you make through transcription services?

Whilst transcription services allow you to work from home at your own pace and flexibility, it is important to have a feel for what type of fee you can command. A UK transcription company could pay between 75p and £1.50 for each recorded minute transcribed, along with potential bonus payments on top.

Pay is often dependent on the speed and efficiency of the person. With some basic training and the correct tools, it can make all the difference to someone looking for extra work from home.

Finding UK transcription services that are looking for remote workers to help fill part-time positions, or even full-time positions in some cases, will give you a good start to your journey with transcription. As you can see, there are some benefits to finding a second income working from home, especially in this time of increased cost of living for all of us.

Working from home gives you great flexibility to work when you want to work, to take on extra projects as and when you want to, and with UK transcribers there is scope to perform the job from wherever you are.

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