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What Can Your Marketing Agency Do To Add Value & Boost Profits In 2024?

The start of a new year signals the perfect opportunity for you to take your marketing business to the next level. To do this, though, you must first develop a winning strategy that reflects the current market. Only then will you be able to successfully add value to the client experience. In turn, this will translate to increased retention while also winning new leads. Focus on the ideas below and you won’t go far wrong. 

Add Video Marketing To Your Repertoire

Marketing campaigns shouldn’t only focus on building brand awareness via PPC impressions. Crucially, you need to engage audiences. With this in mind, it’s vital that you understand what consumers want and subsequently build campaigns that provide it on behalf of your clients. In today’s climate, video marketing is essential.

It doesn’t require much research to understand the potential benefits. The average consumer spends over two hours watching video content daily. Moreover, they retain more than 90%of the brand message compared to 10% of text. Building a video marketing strategy that hits the right audience on the most appropriate platforms is vital. Of course, creating the right type of video content to engage the audience is immensely important too.

A strong video marketing campaign creates the wow factor while also breaking down issues like language barriers. Moreover, it is sure to impress the business owner who you are working for. It should encourage them to retain your services and potentially add more.

Get Into Audio

Visual content should be a priority in 2024, not least because it is one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s attention. However, when wanting to maintain their interest and keep them coming back to your client’s brand, audio is equally vital. Podcast creation is the perfect way for a brand to educate and entertain its listeners while building closer connections.

It is shown that 1 in 3 adults listen to podcasts on at least a monthly basis. Whether listening to content when commuting or doing the dishes, people will be engaged with the content. In many cases, they will subscribe to the feed and consume hours of content. In the case of weekly episodes, for example, they’ll come back to your client’s brand time and time again. This keeps the brand fresh in the user’s mind while the content can generate revenue too.

There are several ways to tackle the process. You could create episodes on behalf of your client or simply produce them while letting the business owner host the shows. Either way, it will also open the door to collaborations, thus taking the overall strategy to greater heights.

Focus On Consistency

Some digital marketing agencies will offer an all-in-one package for their clients. This allows businesses to keep everything under one roof. More commonly, though, a company will only hire you to take care of some aspects, such as web design and SEO building. As such, it’s necessary to look beyond your services to think about the client’s brand as a whole.

Consistency is king when a brand wants to stand out from the crowd. As an agency, you must consider the relationship between the company website and its brick-and-mortar store. As well as branding images, you must ensure that the lexus and tone of voice remain consistent. Otherwise, it can introduce an element of confusion and ambiguity that leads consumers to look elsewhere. In turn, this can cost clients money. 

The harsh reality is that if your agency fails to produce the desired results, it will struggle. Even if the shortcomings are partly down to other companies or the firm’s in-house. Reviewing the brand to ensure that your services are contextualised by it will be key.

Find Your Niche

As a marketing agency, you regularly tell clients about the importance of finding their target audience. Frankly, then, it would be crazy to persist with a generic approach to digital marketing. While focusing on a niche may seem like you’re limiting your potential reach, the truth is that it will make you far more likely to maintain a busy schedule.

After all, clients aren’t simply looking for the marketing agency that produces great quality work. They are actively searching for a team of experts that is the right fit for them. When you target a specific industry or a geographic location, your agency will instantly resonate with relevant firms. Moreover, the chances of them finding you through search engines become far higher as it is easier to rank higher on specific keywords.

Moreover, consistently building campaigns for companies in your niche will allow you to keep growing. In turn, you will stand out as an authoritative voice in your field as a direct upshot of delivering the best results for clients within it.

Help Clients To Help Themselves

The online business arena is more competitive than ever and companies realize that they need help to dominate their market. Nevertheless, people are now more tech-savvy and marketing-savvy than ever before. As such, most entrepreneurs like to play an active role in the process. Not least because it gives greater insight and a chance to monitor situations.

Therefore, giving clients a chance to help themselves in 2024 could be one of your smartest updates. So, in addition to holding monthly or quarterly sessions to review the progress, you may want to actively educate your clients. You can do this through training that actively helps them understand data or learn how to handle some aspects of marketing, like blogging. Another option is to actively mentor the business owner.

As well as providing one-on-one sessions, you may want to add content streams such as tutorials, FAQs, and training modules. It may be offered as a free perk to VIP clients while also creating an extra revenue stream that targets firms who want to take a DIY approach. 

Boost Your Customer Care Game

In addition to letting clients help themselves, you must be there to provide assistance when it’s needed. We live in a world where speed counts for a lot. If you cannot get back to your clients quickly, they will become very frustrated. Not least if the issue is currently costing them money in sales. Many companies will then take their custom elsewhere.

After all, you are working in a B2B environment where time and money are everything. A dedicated customer care strategy is vital. VoIP connections and live chat facilities allow clients to contact you at any time. Where possible, you should ensure that every company you serve has a direct campaign manager. This is their point of contact that allows you to maintain consistency. It additionally establishes a VIP atmosphere.

You could even look to use remote workers so that your company can stay open 24/7. Even if you aren’t ready to do this, your marketing agency must appreciate the value of clear communication and reassuring clients at all times. 

Focus On Bigger Contracts

As a digital marketing agency, your goal is ultimately to earn as much money as possible. While you could do this by winning lots of clients, it’s often better to have a smaller number of high value contracts. It is cheaper and easier to remarket your business rather than reach out to new clients. This is especially true in the B2B landscape. 

Ultimately, if your marketing efforts actively help a client’s business grow, you should retain them. It makes your life far easier as you will need to organise fewer accounts. Moreover, you will already have the fundamental features in place. So, it should be easier to add new services and build upon your existing knowledge of the brand. In turn, the monthly fees will be higher and the customer lifetime value (CLV) will soar. Perfect.

It does mean, however, that losing a contact will be more costly. Thankfully, if you continue to provide a winning service, this should not be an issue. Even if it does happen, your growing reputation means you’ll soon find a replacement client. So, your profits will soar.

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