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Money Mentor 

Welcome to Money Mentor and Money Mentor Online your FREE personal finance Money Coach!


Here at Money Mentor we firmly believe that everybody, and most especially the younger generation, should strive to attain a certain level of financial literacy and become fully equipped with the skills, knowledge, and ability, to understand all things money related and how the financial system works in the real world.

​By becoming financially literate, you will be in control of making your own smart financial decisions, and therefore not falling prey to the system. You will have money work hard for you, instead of you working hard for it. You may even become financially independent one day, from what you learn here at Money Mentor online.


Financial Freedom is certainly the ultimate goal for many Money Mentor visitors!

Our website is not to be confused with Barclays money mentor, or the Times money mentor, both of which also provide some excellent personal finance help and guidance. 


In short, money mentor online aims to provide free financial and money related information and guidance via money mentor masterclass sessions and money mentor tips and videos to help you learn and gain an understanding about, what is money,  making money, saving money, investing money and the wider financial world. Take a look at our personal finance blog for our latest money mentor tips.


As the saying goes, money really does make the world go around.


Money Mentor will:

Provide helpful information and guidance on subjects such as: Budgeting, Financial Independence, Living within your means, Money Making ideas, Business and Company structures, Savings Accounts, Premium Bonds, Pensions, Investing for beginners, The Stock Market, Peer to Peer Crowdfunding, Property Investing, Risk Appetite, Asset Classes, Insurance Products, Financial Product Reviews, Personal Loans, Matched Betting, all the latest News, share trading for beginners, investing tips and answer questions such as, how is money made, how much money is in the UK or the world, what is fiat currency, can investing make you rich , tips on stock investing and what is money laundering, plus much more.


Once you get involved and grasp a basic understanding of managing your money, personal budgeting, saving and investing, you will see it is not at all complicated, and the basic concepts of saving money on things you buy, then saving money with those savings, and ultimately investing those savings on a regular basis, will all become second nature to you.

As money is such an essential part of modern life, it is impossible to ignore it, and hope it will not impact on you or your family.


Here at Money Mentor, we appreciate and understand that fully understanding money and the many subcategories of money, such as saving, investing, borrowing, getting a mortgage, re-mortgaging and banking can be very confusing for many, and near impossible to understand for some.  

Money mentor is for all:

It doesn’t really matter how much you earn, or how much you have saved up, or even if you don't have a job right now, there are always important financial decisions to be made week in week out throughout life, no matter who you are. Some examples of money related questions and decisions are as follows;

This can all become a little overwhelming for some and is often a cause of stress and concern for many.

This is where Money Mentor can help

Our mission is to enable people to feel much more confident about their money and enable them to make smart financial choices themselves.

We hope you find our online money coaching, money mentor tips, reviews, personal finance blog and resources useful, and that you become a member of our Money Mentor community on our social media channels. We now even offer one to one financial coaching sessions if you feel you need more assistance.

Remember: With a little financial knowledge, a bit of effort, and plenty of time, anyone can build both a significant amount of personal cash, and an ongoing and growing additional passive income stream.


As referred to on many occasions throughout our Master the Art of Money book, the simple process for financial success can be summarized as:

Think > Save > Invest > Repeat. 

To keep right up to date with Money Mentor, please like & follow our social media accounts & Subscribe to our free mailing list here.   

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