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Money makes the world go round
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Money makes the world go round

Money makes the world go round, but there are many things in life that are free. Walking through the countryside, admiring the scenery and enjoying nature. Joy, happiness, falling in love, looking at sunsets, moonrises and the stars in the night sky, even breathing fresh air is free.

But the fact is, you will have realised that most things do cost money. Possibly not your own money, if you still live at home, but certainly someone’s money.

The shelter you live in, be it a flat, terraced house, detached house or apartment, costs money in the form of rates, rent, mortgage and repair bills. The services you use at home also cost money, such as electricity, gas and water, and let’s not forget the council tax you also have to pay, for external services like waste collection and recycling.

And as if that’s not enough, you also have to buy food and drink on an ongoing basis, to keep yourself and everyone else in the household alive. This in itself, is a very expensive and an ever-increasing cost for any household, and especially those with ravenous children, tweens and teens still living at home.

So far, everything noted above is considered an essential need, (we will discuss needs on another page), we haven’t even begun to think about the costs of anything else yet, such as wants and luxury items, and how can we, when so much money has already been spent on just the essentials?

No matter what your outlook is on money and wealth, whether you plan to be a multi-millionaire, or don’t care too much about money, and consider other things in life to be more valuable, it is still important to grasp the meaning of the saying “money makes the world go round”, because it is essentially true. Without money, most things in the world would stop, or at least wouldn’t be available to you and your family. 


Money makes the world go round - but take control 

As we know, Money makes the world go round, without money you would have no home, no food, no heat, no ability to travel, no communications devices, no social life, no Netflix, I think you get the idea. I appreciate there may be some Governmental support for certain people with some basic needs, but I would suggest, as a young adult just starting out on life’s journey, you shouldn’t assume financial help will just be given to you. You need to take control of your own financial future, by becoming financially literate, which is, of course, the aim of this website. Money makes the world go round, and you need to make sure you have enough of it!

Become financially literate and financially free

The importance of money becomes very clear when a person doesn’t have any at all. This is why you need to become financially literate as early as possible, so that such a scenario doesn’t happen to you. You know Money makes the world go round, and that's why you what to be financially free. 

Once you have become financially literate, and have been able to generate money and an income stream in excess of your essential needs, then the world's opportunities will open up to you, and you will then have the freedom as well as the knowledge, to make your own choices on how and when to use your money.

Money can enable you to afford a better quality of life. It may mean a bigger house if that’s important to you, or a new car, or better quality products, such as TV’s, phones and other gadgets and home entertainment. You could travel the world enjoying culture and holidays. You will find yourself saying Money makes the world go round!

Another advantage of money is less stress with paying the monthly bills and other household expenses. It can even allow you to follow your dreams of running your own business, or remain in a career you love, but doesn’t pay so well.

All of this can be achieved by money, financial literacy and determination.

Personally, my own thirst for financial knowledge didn’t happen until after I had left school, and whilst I was always interested in making a bit of extra cash in one way or the other, I didn’t care too much about learning the theory behind it. In fact, I absolutely hated Economics in school, and just couldn’t get to grips with all the jargon about supply and demand, equilibrium, and so on, which is quite ironic now, as I read such books regularly by choice. 

This does go to show, that peoples approach to learning about finance, and understanding that Money makes the world go round, can and does change as they get older, and so anybody can grow into the subject, even if they don’t find it particularly exciting, to begin with.

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Money makes the world go round - But money can’t buy you love

It is also important to understand the things that money cannot buy, for example, good health, love, respect, dignity and morality. Some of these can only come from good personal principles.

Without good health, money loses its appeal. Steve Jobs, the inventor of the iPhone and iPad, and co-owner of Apple PLC had a vast fortune of billions, but he unfortunately also had poor health and died in his mid-fifties.

Some people could have millions in the bank, but still feel poor and empty because they are not happy or content with their life, something is still missing.

No matter how rich a person becomes, they can only earn true respect by doing the right thing, and having good principles and morals. There are many wealthy people around who have money but command no respect, because of the way they behave towards other people. Please be nice when you don’t have money, and also be nice when you do.  

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