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How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

Nowadays, there are so many ways you can make money online and from the comfort of your home if you have the right knowledge. With just a good device and internet access, there are no limits to what you can earn from online platforms. One of the most reliable of such platforms is YouTube.


YouTube hosts over 2 billion users all around the world, and that's quite a large audience. However, you need to learn and master the different ways you can take advantage of this crowd by learning how to make money on YouTube. And that's exactly what you're going to learn as you read on.

Different Ways To Earn From YouTube

#1. YouTube Ads

This is perhaps the most popular item on our list on how to make money on YouTube. As a YouTube partner, the platform lets you earn money when people watch your videos. How is that possible? It's very simple - through ads.


You can customize your preferences for monetization to allow YouTube to place ads at the beginning, during, or at the end of your videos. Different types of ads - overlay, bumper, skippable, or non-skippable - have different rules guiding the viewers' interaction with them to earn you money.


However, note that factors such as adult content, inappropriate language, and violence can render your content unsuitable for ads placement. Also, YouTube ads earnings are shared earnings as YouTube takes about 45% of your ads income.


Apart from earning from YouTube ads, the YouTube Partner Program also provides other solutions on how to make money from YouTube and they include:


  • Super Chat

  • YouTube Premium

  • Channel Memberships

  • Merchandise Shelf


Each of these programs has different requirements you must fulfill to earn from them according to YouTube. So, ensure you find out what applies to them before you engage in any of them.

#2. Affiliate Promotions/Marketing

If you have a large audience following your channel, this is one of the best ideas for you on how to make money on YouTube. You can easily promote other people's products and services on your page and get paid for it.


You can decide to create positive review videos about a product or market it to your audience through other concepts. The idea is to directly or indirectly recommend your affiliates' products and redirect your traffic to them. Depending on your agreement with them, you can charge per view, per click, per purchase, fixed price, etc.

#3. Promote Your Own Products

This is one of the most resourceful methods on how to make money on YouTube because it pays you from two angles. What does that mean?


First, you can earn money by allowing ads on your product promotion videos. Secondly, you boost your sales by redirecting traffic to your e-commerce website, Shopify store, or social media platforms where you sell your products. Links to those platforms can easily be pasted on your video description or within the videos.

How To Increase Your Subscribers/Audience on YouTube

Virtually every method on our list of how to make money from YouTube depends on how large your audience is. As such, you must learn how to promote your channel to get more subscribers. Here are a few tips to guide you


  • Stick to a niche and become a master in it.

  • Study your target audience to find out what appeals to them.

  • Optimize your videos for SEO via the titles, descriptions, etc.

  • Always post relevant content with the right length too.

  • Maximize social media for promoting your channel.


Now that you have a good list of ideas on how to make money on YouTube, it's time to get to work. If you maximize these YouTube earning methods, the sky is only but a starting point for you.

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