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financial coaching

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

If you are looking for financial coaching for yourself, a loved one or even your whole family, then money mentor may have the perfect financial coaching and financial mentoring solution for you.

Many peoples and family’s finances are being stretched to breaking point right now with the significant cost of living increases we are all experiencing.

Inflation busting increases in our gas and electricity bills, along with food and shopping bills sky rocketing, and record-breaking petrol prices now at the forecourts, are all adding up to a very challenging period for our finances.

If the current climate means your finances are not in tip top shape, and you are finding yourself struggling with money management, debt, or in need of some general financial coaching in respect of money related matters, such as saving, investing, pensions, or simply for some helpful advice on how to get back on track, then a confidential one to one financial coaching session with us maybe just the thing you need to kick start your new financial future.

Money worries can take the enjoyment out of life and cause all sorts of problems and difficulties both at work and at home, and of course can even be ignored totally which ultimately makes the problem far worse in the longer term.

Financial Coach Near Me

If you have googled Financial Coach near me, or find a Financial Coach, then you are probably thinking about becoming more aware of your finances, or at least trying to understand them a little better, which is great news and a great starting point.

Personal finance coaches can help you understand your money situation better, and fill in any gaps in knowledge that you may have. We encourage financial self-care, and self-help.

How a Personal Finance Coach can help

Whether you are looking for a money mentor, a financial coach, or some budget coaching, then we can help you out with your needs.

Some of the areas and topics we can cover are;

  1. Your own, or your families relationship with money,

  2. Understanding budgeting,

  3. Changing bad financial habits or behaviours around money,

  4. Setting financial goals,

  5. Setting personal budgets and family budgets,

  6. Assessing your financial health,

  7. Increasing your knowledge around finances,

  8. Understanding savings, investing, pensions,

  9. And any other money related subject you wish to discuss.


These are just a few examples of money related subject matters that personal finance coaches can help with.

We can also touch on the subconscious negative beliefs about money and who deserves it if required, as this can be a significant hurdle to some people allowing themselves to acquire money. A simple change in attitude can bring about a much more positive belief, that allows us to earn or generate money without guilt or doubt.

Finding the Gaps in your Financial Knowledge

As a UK based personal financial coach, we are able to help you fill gaps in your knowledge in respect of various personal finance subjects, including taxation, ISA’s, pensions and investments.

Many of these subjects were not taught about in schools, and so it is no wonder that many people across all age groups continue to struggle with this very broad subject matter. By far the majority of the UK population feels unconfident about their financial well-being.

Whilst the detail of some subjects can be quite complex, for example pensions, the general understanding of basic financial well-being is fairly straight forward ,and once you grasp the key points, It will click into place and you could even start enjoying your personal finance understanding journey.

How Financial Coaching can help

For many people, talking about money can feel shameful or embarrassing. Even talking to friends or family about their money problems can be awkward as their relationship with you may alter their opinion of you.

This is why for many individuals, talking to someone who is independent and objective in a confidential setting, is a good way to broach this subject matter.

Contact us if you are interested in trying out a taster session with one of our personal finance coaches or financial mentors.

The aim of a Financial Coach

The aim of a financial coach is to help you to better understand your relationship with money, make any changes to this relationship needed and to support you in developing greater control over your finances, including any debts you may have.

To be very clear, a financial coach is not the same as a financial advisor. We will not be able to advise you on how to spend your money or where to invest your money, as this is classed as a regulated activity and under the FCA’s jurisdiction.

If you do want some advice on where to invest your money such as which trusts or funds to buy, which companies, stock markets or international Stock markets to consider, then this is in the realms of a financial advisor and you should look one up on Google, and ensure that they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What does Financial Coaching entail?

Initially, you would have a one to one trial session or taster session if you like. This would just be a general getting to know each other conversation. If following that session you were minded to continue with your financial coaching or budget coaching, then you could have as many or as few sessions as you required.

Some people prefer regular coaching sessions over a certain period of time, so every session offers you this sense of gentle accountability. Other people prefer ad hoc sessions where they can call up as an when they need a bit of inspiration or guidance on certain specific money related problems.

Our personal financial coaches at money mentor are very flexible and are happy to work with you to create your perfect money coaching plan.

Personal Finance Coach background

Coaches who work in this field often have a background of working in finance, bringing their knowledge of the industry with them into the coaching world. Money Mentor’s coach has in excess of 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, and has in depth expert knowledge in many subjects such as insurance, investing, saving, debts and pensions.  

Next Steps in finding a Personal Finance Coach or Mentor

To find out more about how a finance coach could support you, we would recommend reaching out to us for an initial consultation. You’ll be able to find out more about us and see if we are the right fit to help you out on your mission to understand your finances and relationship with money better.

The Bottom Line

Money may feel like a complex and intimidating force in our lives at times, but it really doesn’t need to be. With the right tools, and expert help, we can pick it apart, understand it, and make it work for us.

All our financial coaching programmes now consist of a set of one to one sessions, either via telephone or video call, specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. These one to one sessions will identify your existing  money worries or queries, suggest a plan to resolve them, and most importantly, give you the financial knowledge and confidence to ultimately help yourself in making good financial choices in the future.

Individual money coaching
Couples money coaching
Group money coaching


Individual coaching sessions will consist of a basic fact find to begin with, followed by a more detailed discussion of your specific money concerns or questions. We will then plan a way forward together, to solve your financial needs. 



Couples coaching usually involves slightly more complex financial situations than individuals alone, and so a more in depth fact find is often required. Once the problems have been identified, and agreed upon, a joint way forward will be proposed.

Family and Groups


We can also provide coaching sessions for families, or older children accompanied by adults in basic financial education.  Small groups can also be accommodated.

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