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All our financial coaching programmes now consist of a set of one to one sessions, either via telephone or video call, specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. These one to one sessions will identify your existing  money worries or queries, suggest a plan to resolve them, and most importantly, give you the financial knowledge and confidence to ultimately help yourself in making good financial choices in the future.

Individual money coaching
Couples money coaching
Group money coaching


Individual coaching sessions will consist of a basic fact find to begin with, followed by a more detailed discussion of your specific money concerns or questions. We will then plan a way forward together, to solve your financial needs. 



Couples coaching usually involves slightly more complex financial situations than individuals alone, and so a more in depth fact find is often required. Once the problems have been identified, and agreed upon, a joint way forward will be proposed.

Family and Groups


We can also provide coaching sessions for families, or older children accompanied by adults in basic financial education.  Small groups can also be accommodated.