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Part time jobs

Part Time Jobs

You may still be in school, college or university, or have a full-time job, in which case, you only have limited spare time available for making extra money by taking on part time jobs.

These opportunities can all be done on a part-time basis, and most could also be expanded into full-time roles, as and when you have more time available.     

Traditional part time jobs

These more traditional part time jobs are not as popular as they used to be, as the trend is for people, especially younger tech-savvy people, to make their money online. Even so, there are always part time jobs needing to be done in the real world, and here is a shortlist of some of the most common ones available:

  • Babysitting & childcare

  • Pet sitting, dog walking

  • Pub & restaurant staff

  • Supermarkets & shop work

  • Coffee shop barista

  • Driver, delivery job

  • Cleaner

  • Caring assistant

  • Office assistant


When I was still at school, I used to earn some extra money by supplying local restaurants with fresh trout. I would get up at four o’clock in the morning, cycle to a nearby reservoir, go fishing for a couple of hours, then bring back any bounty I had caught, and sell it. Certainly not the easiest money to be made by a part time job, but quite novel for a 14-15 year old.

Original part time jobs

These opportunities are not the usual sort of part time jobs, but something you can get your teeth stuck into, and excel at, as they are often specific to your skillset, or expertise in something. They may lead to a full-time role, or even into your own business.

Consulting part time jobs

If you have an area of expertise, or a skill set that others do not have, then there will always be people who are prepared to pay you for your time and experience. It doesn’t matter in what niche your expertise lies, as there is a whole economy in search of different solutions to their needs.

Examples of niche consulting services could be, website design, article writer, legal expert, personal trainer & fitness coach, online marketing, computer programmer, business consultant. Quite literally anything you are an expert in.   

Tutor or coach – In a similar vein to being a consultant, if you have experience and expertise in an educational subject, then you can use this skill to make money. Tutors can be for all the usual school and college subjects, like English, maths, and IT, but also more obscure subjects, such as learning to play golf, mechanics, book writing, and even personal finance can be taught. There are unlimited coaching part time jobs.  

Temp work – Temping is where businesses need temporary help with their workload, either on a seasonal basis or to help out with increased work following a new contract win, or a new project to complete. Although temp work is often linked to more routine roles and basic administration part time jobs, it can also be far more specialised than that these days. All sorts of businesses need very skilled roles completed on a temporary basis. For example, IT work, doctors, nurses, engineers, programmers, chemists, reporters, builders, electricians, etc.    

Acting Extra – If you’ve got a natural talent for drama, or ever fancied getting paid for lying down on the job, then maybe earning some money as an “Extra” might be the sort of part time jobs to consider. TV programmes and film production companies, often need extras to fill in the background scenes. Sometimes they need hundreds or even thousands of extras. Think about some of the big battle scenes in films, if you’re lucky, you may be asked to lie down and play dead for a week, whilst earning some easy money. (Unless it rains!).  

Part time jobs in Sales

All businesses need sales, and if you have discovered that you have an outgoing personality, enjoy meeting and talking to people, and have a robust attitude to life, (and thick skin), then maybe a lead generating sales opportunity could be right for you. There are numerous goods and services you could target, so something you are personally interested in and knowledgeable about would be a good starting point. Examples of paid lead generation can be things like building work, garden work, electricity and gas suppliers, house sales, some financial products, marketing work, double glazing, roof repairs, new homes extensions, and many more. The earning potential for successful salespeople is high, as there is usually no limit to your commission. The more you sell or refer, the more you earn. So, if you think you could sell snow to the Eskimo’s, then why not give it a go?

Part time jobs Multi-level marketing

MLM) – Is a direct selling role that’s also sometimes known as "network marketing". It is a system of selling goods or services through self-employed distributors, (i.e. you), rather than using traditional methods such as shops or online.

New recruits to the scheme are usually invited in by someone they know, who is already a distributor. Direct applications can be made if you see such an advert online, or in a magazine. Much use is made of promotional videos, information packs, and "inspirational" seminars. These promotions focus on the potential benefits of MLM, such as be your own boss, set your own hours, no special skills or experience necessary, and work from home, etc.

There is nothing wrong with trying a multi-level marketing scheme to test your skills at selling, and seeing if you have got what it takes. There are some well-known high street names in the market, with some decent products. However, don’t get too carried away with all the pictures of luxury mansions, sports cars, and living the life of a superstar. Although this is allegedly possible, it is highly unlikely, and so you should adjust your expectations accordingly.

The real wealth opportunities with these schemes can only be achieved, by not only selling masses of the product concerned yourself, but also by recruiting more people into your downline. These new recruits also need to sell masses of the product and continue recruiting new people into their own downlines. You will benefit from commissions paid from the sales of all members below you. This is the "multi-level" aspect of the scheme.


Recruiting other people and then keeping them engaged is more difficult than you would think. Therefore, if you do decide to try this route, make sure you can generate enough sales yourself, to make it worthwhile.

TIP: If you do decide to investigate potential part time jobs in a multi-level marketing scheme, make sure it is a genuine scheme that sells physical products, and NOT a pyramid scheme, that doesn’t sell anything other than membership fees.

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