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finance blog write for us

Finance Blog Write for Us 


Hi there. Here at Money Mentor, we’re always looking for personal finance blog write for us contributors from in and around the business and finance industry with a money blog, or personal finance or investment article, story or blog to tell.

So, if you have some good quality relevant content from within the financial, money, investing, saving, business, income, side hustle, tips niches etc, then  Email us to discuss options for your personal finance guest post.

When you write your finance blog for us we’re looking for

In summary, before you submit your draft money blog or article to us, give it a good read through to ensure it is of such a quality that you and we would be proud of it.

We seek:

  • Relevant content

  • Original content only

  • Over 750 words

  • Is written by a human and not AI or spun content

  • Spell checked and plagiarism free

  • Not offensive or inappropriate material


How to submit your personal finance write for us blog

Email us your submission.

We prefer submissions in google docs  with all headings and links included so that our editors can easily review them and provide any feedback and guidance directly to you. A picture is not required as we can add one.

What happens after you email us your finance write for us blog

  • An editor will review your submission within 48 hours and decide whether it fits our criteria. If it does, it will be uploaded ASAP.

  • If it is not suitable at all, we will decline it.

  • If it just needs some minor amends we will provide feedback as such, and let you redraft it.

So, if you are looking for money write for us, finance blog write for us,  personal finance blog write for us, personal finance write for us and guest post, then what are you waiting for? Get drafting your high quality content and let us take a look at it.

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