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There are thousands of ways to make money, both in the real world at home, and online. If you have the time, energy, and passion to create, develop, or expand an opportunity, then almost anything can be achieved. The sky is the limit.

In this Part of the website, we will look at various different ways to make money. Some very traditional, like part-time jobs, and full-time employment, some entrepreneurial, and others following a pre-made system.

Where to make money

We will look at both online opportunities and real-world, and cover a broad range of options, so there should be something for everyone, or at least enough to provide you with some inspiration to come up with your own ideas.

There is also a page on “get rich quick schemes”, scams and fraud.


This is essential reading, as unfortunately, the world is full of characters who will try and relieve you of your hard-earned money, with “great opportunities” and “deals of a lifetime”. You will lose your money on them all.   

Make money from scratch

Finally, although some people make money or acquire money by winning the Lotto or premium bonds, receiving an inheritance, or even being paid compensation following a serious injury or legal dispute. We shall assume none of these apply here, and you need to make money from scratch, using your own skillset, and resources.

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Business Owner

The first time people start making money is usually through some sort of employment, otherwise know as "a job". This may be a part time job whilst studying, or a full time position. Either way, there are thousands of opportunities out there. 


An entrepreneur may start out with such a mindset of wanting to do it "their own way", or alternatively, they may decide do it after working somewhere else first, and seeing a better opportunity. 

Business Owner

Business owners may also have begun their own ventures after a spell of employment, and decided they could do it better and/or make money money for themselves.​​