how to learn about stocks

How to Learn About Stocks

Stocks are one of the key investment vehicles. A 2020 report shows that 55% of Americans have invested in stocks. However, although they may promise good ROI, they are very volatile and that's why beginners need to master the ropes before they start exploring their potential.


You can start with any material on stocks you can lay your hand on, then proceed to use simulators. This article provides a guide on how to learn about stocks.

How to Learn About Stocks

If you are interested in how to learn about stocks, here are 5 different ways.

#1. Open a Trading Account

Although this seems like a giant step for a learner, it may be the best step on how to learn about stocks. You can find a good online stock broker and open a stock broker account.


The aim is to have a feel of how the stock exchange interface works; familiarize yourself with the account interface and try out the free trading tools. If the broker offers virtual trading, you can also take advantage of it.

#2. Read to Learn About Stocks

Reading about anything you wish to learn is a key way to learn fast. Also, it is a cost-effective way to learn about stocks, unlike taking classes. Books on the stock market and financial articles can provide you with a wealth of information on stocks.


And in learning about stocks, it is advisable to take one piece of information at a time, starting from the basics to more complex concepts. Some sites offer helpful resources about stocks such as Yahoo Finance, CBS MoneyWatch, etc.

#3. Learn From a Skilled Stock Trader

You can also learn about stocks from people who have been in the business. They can serve as your mentor to help you understand the nitty-gritty of the stock market.


This method has an edge over other methods because a mentor is committed to your success and so will ensure you understand all about stocks. You have the privilege of asking questions and access to guidance when you begin actual trading.

#4. Subscribe to Stock Trading Sites

You can pay to watch stock market professionals and follow the stock market. This is another powerful form of stock education. You can view a stock chart, fundamental data, and these are good sources of exposure to the stock market.


Some recommended subscription services that you can subscribe to are Morningstar and However, before choosing a paid subscription site, be sure it offers quality information about stocks in an easy-to-understand manner.

#5. Practice Trading

Now, it's time to get real close to the real deal. Stock market simulators are useful tools for newbies in the stock market to master the techniques of stock trading. You can use virtual trading or paper trading to get a feel of the real stock exchange performance.


They provide a perfect solution, allowing you to track real-time market movements, make trading decisions, try different strategies and analyze the results.

Bottom Line

Information on how to learn about stocks exposes you to the different ways you can master the stock market as a beginner. And with this guide, you now know how to get started.