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Stockopedia Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

In this Stockopedia review, updated for 2023, we will take a closer look at how serious investors can save significant time on stocks and shares due diligence, by using the well-researched information and tools available on the Stockopedia website and Stockopedia app.

This will enable you to make informed investment decisions quickly and with confidence, and will increase your odds of success considerably.

updated 20/9/2023

Stockopedia Review

The Stockopedia app and website provides you with a way to know the detailed stock performance through stock rank rating. This high quality platform also helps you to analyze your portfolio so that you can outperform the market.

Within this Stockopedia review I will aim to tell you more about the Stockopedia platform and what it has to offer, by way of a long term user myself.

Stockopedia Table of Contents

Stockopedia Review - What is Stockopedia?

Stockopedia is an online platform that offers stock investors quality data and research features at the touch of a button to speed up decision-making and improve results.

Initiated by Edward Page-Croft and Dave Brickell, this online service started in the United Kingdom. Currently, Stockopedia's services have gone beyond the Stockopedia UK market and now cover the primary stock markets all over the world.

With their data and information coming from a reliable source (Thomson Reuters), stockbrokers and investment managers can have a working tool for the very best results. The predefined stock screens further highlight stocks classified under many different investment strategies such as the Zulu Principle of great investor, Jim Slater.

Stockopedia Review - Features of Stockopedia

Once you have set your Stockopedia login details, and set your password, you can then explore some of Stockopedia's main features and benefits, including the ever popular stock screens, watch lists, and stock report summaries.

You'll learn all about these features from this Stockopedia review.

#1. Stockopedia Stock Rank Scores

The very first feature in our Stockopedia review is know as stock rank scores. This is one of the key selling points of Stockopedia. Various pre-built stock screeners cover the individual companies metrics, and create a "rank score" based on factors like quality, growth, value, and momentum. Importantly, this data, and the ranks themselves can move up or down on a daily basis.

As can be seen in the picture below under the Stock Rank column, Green is good, grey is neutral, and red would be classed as poor.

The theory is that over a period of time, and with a basket of companies, those ranked as green on the Stockopedia stock rank index tend to do better than those which are grey or red. The Stockopedia app and website has a graph evidencing this theory.

stockopedia review stock rank screen

#2. Portfolio Tracking and Watchlists

The portfolio tracking and watchlist tools will be a good choice for long-term investors who want an easy to use product. The search tool allows you to import transactions from a CSV or to add stocks to a portfolio or watchlist manually from its search bar.

This lets you see the performance of your portfolio or the platform's overall StockRank score for each company you hold.

Stockopedia's three bubble plot charts also show all your holdings based on quality, momentum, value, and growth for the best decision. See picture below.

Stockopedia app review bubble chart

#3. Build-your-own Stock Screens

Stockopedia also lets you create your own custom stock screens. You can also use the pre-built screen ranking data for your screens. The screen builder also has an impressive variety of filters, both free and paid ones.

These filters work with basic parameters such as company size, earnings growth, book value growth, analyst forecasts, and dividend yield, plus many more.

stockopedia uk review

If you don't want to create your own screens, you can always use some of the popular pre set ones such as the Naked Traders screen, Jim Slater, or even Warren Buffet.

#4. Stock Reports

This feature of the Stockopedia online research platform is not just a run down. The stock report contains a detailed report on the stock ratings of both retail and institutional investors.

stockopedia review stock reports

Aside from the ratings, it tells the estimated price-to-book ratio, health trend and bankruptcy risk scores, and financial data from as far back as five years. And, all these in clear terms.

stockopedia review image

How Much Does Stockopedia Cost?

For UK Markets the Stockopedia cost is circa £200 per year. Click here for a special 10% off offer.

If you are working with only US stocks including the NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC markets, Stockopedia charges you $50 per month. You can also add international markets but this may cost you a little more, and prices vary by market.

Stockopedia Review Conclusion

Hopefully, our Stockopedia review has given you some insight into this unique platform that enables profitable investment from streamlined detailed research.

I have personally been using Stockopedia now for over 4 years as a paid member, as I have genuinely found that the time it saves me each month, is far in excess of the monthly cost. I am also an eToro Popular investor, and so it also helps with making swift educated decisions as a fund manager of sorts.

Watch the video below to see how easy and quick it is to find trending stocks, which is the basis of my own momentum strategy.

Before I found the Stockopedia app, it used to take me hours and hours, if not days to come up with my buy lists, which can now be done in just a few minutes!

You can even try it out for FREE here.

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Dimitri Pollich
Dimitri Pollich
5 days ago

Stockopedia streamlines stock research with powerful tools like stock ranking, portfolio tracking, and customizable screens, enhancing investor decision-making. Despite varying costs by market, its efficiency in analyzing stocks offers substantial value for both novice and seasoned investors alike. geometry dash

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