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How to Handle Gifts Giving on a Tight Budget?

Giving gifts is a way to express your affection, gratitude or wishes to a person, often a family, friend or a special someone. Gifting can be considered as a love language of many people. But one misconception regarding it is that it has to be expensive! 

Well, giving a gift to someone is an act of expressing love. It shouldn’t be putting you in debt or affecting your monthly finances. 

So, how do you handle gift-giving when on a tight budget? Let’s figure out in this article, so your pocket doesn’t decide how much love you can express to your loved ones. 

How to Handle Gifts Giving on a Tight Budget?

Choose a Personalized Gift 

Make the gifts personal, which not only makes them more valuable and extra special but also goes light on the pocket. For this, you have to make your gifts unique with personalization, such as engraving a name, saying, or special date. 

This is going to make the recipient feel seen, appreciated, and special. They are going to appreciate the extra thought you put in. It’s not just something you bought right off the store. 

The best part is these unique personalized gifts are often within your budget. These are low-cost but high-impact products. 

Embracing Honesty 

If you’re really struggling to make ends meet and yet worrying about the gift because you don’t want to lose the special bond, you should consider embracing the honesty within the relationship. 

It is totally okay to communicate with the person about your financial situation. And instead of giving them a cold answer or visiting empty handed because you weren’t able to afford to give them their favorite expensive watch, you can better replace it with a much more traditional or even hand-made or traditional gift. 

Not only does this approach maintain the very spirit of giving gifts, which is unrelated to how much you spend, but you will also. 

Try Gift Cards 

If you’re really short on funds, better not to struggle to find a gift that still suits the receipt and end up giving something underwhelming, and instead go for inexpensive gift cards. 

Gift cards can be a great alternative for gifting. Offering them a gift card allows the recipient to save money on a purchase or an experience that they have always wanted to try or usually like to do. 

It can be a meal at their favorite restaurant or buying jewelry that was out of budget for them until now. 

Plan & Prioritize 

Setting a clear budget initially will help you a lot in financially challenging situations in terms of gifting. As you plan earlier, you will get more time to save up and choose gifts without having that last-minute pressure. 

Also, always add a 15% extra to your gifting budget as a cushion for some unexpected additions or expand into more options. You can even have a list of special people in your life, like your parents, wife/girlfriend, and best friends, with their respective birthdays on the calendar. And have monthly savings till their respective birthday or some occasion where you can give them gifts without disturbing your monthly finances.  

Give Them Flowers 

Flowers represent love, appreciation, and romance, depending upon which flower you choose. Each one of them has a symbolic meaning and purpose attached to it. Fresh flowers or flower bouquets from a reputed flower gifting company can be the perfect gift on a budget. 

Also, when you pick the right floral delivery services, they tend to deliver right at the doorstep of the recipients. Imagine the surprise and smile on the special someone as they receive a fresh blooming bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note telling how special you are to them.  No expensive gift can beat that! 

Also, such gifting stores have a variety of meaningful and personalized gifts to offer at reasonable prices. The best part is the same-day delivery or even within a few hours. So, all you have to do is order gifts online!

Crafting Your Own Gift/DIY Gifts

To save tons of money on gifting yet make it impressive and even more emotional than traditional ones is crafting a gift yourself. This is especially perfect for people who are creative or have some artistic skills such as painting, jewelry making, making homemade candles, crocheting etc.

Plan for this way before the occasion, and start crafting hand-made items, heavily personalized for the special person. They are, in fact, going to appreciate this more, as you invested a lot of time, effort, and emotion to give them a gift that they can preserve as a memento for life.  

Wrapping Up 

Gifting doesn’t have to be bound by the budget or money you intend to spend. And for sure, you shouldn’t bail on gifting something to someone special in your life, which is an act of expressive love and appreciation. Remember, more than the gift itself, the act of gifting, the gesture is what truly matters. But the fun part is you don’t have to actually compromise a lot, if you have a tight budget, as these tips shared will take care of that for you to save a lot of money.

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