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Manufacturing in Hermosillo, Sonora


Hermosillo is a vibrant city, and it boasts an equally vibrant manufacturing industry. It is the capital and the largest city of the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. The city has an interesting history, plenty of museums, and a lively nightlife, but what it stands out for in the state and the region is its bustling manufacturing sector. Hermosillo is safe and welcoming and has a great location, a large workforce, and a very supportive business environment which has made it a centre of production for many domestic and foreign businesses. 

Manufacturing in Hermosillo, Sonora

In this article we will look deeper into details about manufacturing in Hermosillo, so if you’re interested in manufacturing nearshore in Mexico, read on to find out why Hermosillo and the state of Sonora stand out in the country’s manufacturing landscape. 

Economic Significance and Growth Drivers

Hermosillo and its manufacturing sector have experienced rapid and constant growth in the past few decades. This growth was fueled by several different factors, with perhaps the key one being the city’s geographical proximity to the United States, especially the markets of California and Arizona, with Phoenix being only 6 hours drive along a modern highway.

This geographical advantage is only emphasized by cheap labor costs, a well-developed manufacturing and transportation infrastructure, and favorable trade agreements like the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement).

The automotive industry can be considered a historical cornerstone of Hermosillo’s manufacturing development. Since Ford established its first assembly plant in the city in the mid-80s others like Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) have recognized the city as a hub of the automotive industry and joined its ever-growing manufacturing landscape. These plants produce all sorts of vehicles from sedans to SUVs and provide a significant contribution to the economy.

Another industry that has been rapidly growing in and around Hermosillo is aerospace. Companies like the turbine manufacturer AT Engine Mexico and Boeing partner Latecoere proudly boast production facilities in Hermosillo which is quickly becoming one of the aerospace industry clusters.

Considering that electronics and medical device production is also bustling within the city and the state, it’s no wonder that Sonora is one of the country’s richest states. Despite the state's riches, there is still an abundance of available and affordable residential and industrial real estate in Sonora. Considering that monthly lease of industrial real estate in the United States usually costs upwards of around $1 per square foot, and that Mexican national average is from $0.58 to $0.80 per square foot, Sonora’s prices of around $0.60 per square foot make it an excellent opportunity for cutting costs, which is always on the mind of any company director.

Employment and Workforce Development

It goes without saying that employment in Hermosillo and Sonora has been impacted heavily by the development and growth of the manufacturing sector, with thousands of locals finding jobs within it. Manufacturing is crucial for employment and employment is crucial for sustaining the development of the industry.

Local universities, technical education institutions, and vocational training programs work closely with the leaders within the manufacturing industry to create specially tailored curricula which ensures that the city’s workforce continues to support the sector by training new generations of workers ready to adapt and overcome all modern challenges.

From assembly lines and transportation to engineering, logistics, and management roles, the manufacturing industry keeps food on the table for so many families within the city, state, and region.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

Infrastructural development has been another factor that has supported the growth of the city's manufacturing sector. The city has some of the best industrial real estate in Sonora and the country, boasting state-of-the-art industrial parks with modern facilities that can accommodate various industries and businesses. Hermosillo International Airport is a great asset to the city’s industries, as is the well-developed and efficient road network connecting Hermosillo with other Mexican hubs and the United States.

Local government is focused on maintaining and further developing the infrastructure, with the help of some private investors with vested interest in the growth of the city and its manufacturing sector.

Sustainability and Innovation

Hermosiillo has, in recent years, decided to focus more on adopting green technologies and sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact which has put sustainability and innovation at the forefront of industrial growth. The government is trying to implement energy-efficient manufacturing processes, waste reduction strategies, and water conservation measures, aligning with global standards and consumer expectations, which serves as just another testament to the city’s forward thinking and openness to innovation.


Hermosillo has been an automotive manufacturing hub for decades, but the city has since diversified its manufacturing sector so it now includes plenty of industries like medical devices manufacturing and aerospace. With numerous advantages like the proximity to the United States, well-developed infrastructure, skilled but cheap workforce, equally affordable industrial real estate, and a government focused on supporting manufacturing, Hermosillo and its manufacturing sector will definitely continue to develop, grow, and flourish.

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