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How To Know If You Have a Valid Case Against Indivior

Updated: Jun 19

Have you experienced severe dental problems after using Suboxone? So, you may be wondering if you have a valid case against Indivior, the medicine's manufacturer. Suboxone is designed to aid opiate addicts, but it causes tooth rot. 

It is natural to doubt whether you have a valid case. Suboxone tooth decay lawsuit attorneys can help you determine whether you have a valid case or not. They can also help you throughout the lawsuit process.

Understanding Suboxone and Its Side Effects

Naloxone and buprenorphine make up Suboxone, and once these two elements work together, the drug is formed. It reduces the drug withdrawal symptoms and impulses. 

Even if the medication works this way, many Suboxone users report that it causes severe tooth rot and other dental issues.

Common Side Effects

Before investigating your situation, you should learn about the side effects most Suboxone users suffer. These negative consequences fall under these categories:

  • Tooth Decay: "Tooth decay" is the rapid and progressive loss of teeth's strength and structure, which may create major dental issues shortly after the drug is taken.

  • Dry Mouth: This illness is notable for rapid tooth decay, and people say their teeth break more commonly as they age due to weakness.

  • Gum Disease: A dry mouth occurs when saliva production decreases. This might worsen dental issues by allowing harmful bacteria to flourish.

  • Mouth Sores: People with gum disease are more prone to acquire gingivitis and periodontitis. Dry mouth and poor dental care may worsen gum disease.

Steps to Determine If You Have a Valid Case

1. Document Your Medical History

  • Prescription Records: Prescription records show you received Suboxone, and this document records medication timings and quantities. This makes it easy to build a chronology and link the drug to your oral issues.

  • Dental Records: These are oral health data before and after Suboxone therapy. Two approaches reveal that Suboxone directly worsens dental health. First, record all your treatments. Second, have frequent dental checks. 


  • Medical Reports: Medical reports, also termed medico-legal reports, may support your claim by documenting side effects or health issues connected to Suboxone but not mouth health.

2. Seek Medical and Legal Advice

Talk to a Suboxone-savvy doctor to determine whether the drug causes your tooth issues. A dentist or other medical expert can offer their professional opinion and determine whether the drug is causing your oral problems. 

  • Medical Opinion: A thorough report from your dentist linking Suboxone to tooth issues might be crucial proof to the medical community. Still, they might explain how Suboxone's side effects, such as dry mouth, may harm teeth badly.

  • Legal Advice: If you decide to proceed, consult a pharmaceutical company lawyer, they can assess your position and advise on how to solve the issue. You should only engage a lawyer representing people against giant drug firms to provide appropriate protection.

3. Collect Evidence:

  • Photographs: Photos before and after Suboxone treatment show how much damage it caused to your teeth. You can demonstrate the harm's severity. 

  • Testimonies: Testimonies may come from many areas, including your dentist or other medical professionals stating that Suboxone usage causes teeth issues. 

  • Personal Account: A detailed account of your experience with Suboxone and how it has affected your dental health. Keep a journal to record your symptoms, dental treatments, and everyday life impacts.

Signs You Have a Strong Case

The following details suggest you may have a case against Indivior:

  • Direct Correlation: Medical and dental data that match the period you took the drug might help support your claim. You can then prove your claim. 

  • Expert Testimony: Suboxone may be causing your dental issues. Their expertise will likely aid in determining a direct relationship to achieve this using their knowledge.

  • Other Affected Users: Others who use Suboxone may have written about similar issues. These records demonstrate a drug-related issue pattern, which might aid your case, and suboxone users have reported similar problems. 

Finding the Right Legal Representation

You need a knowledgeable lawyer if you still believe you have a case. Look for pharmaceutical lawsuit professionals with a track record when hiring attorneys. They will assist you in acquiring the papers, represent you in court, and guide you through the procedure.

Talk to Suboxone tooth decay lawsuit attorneys with expertise in cases like yours to get things going correctly. These specialists can provide the information and assistance you need to address your claim correctly.


If Suboxone causes severe dental issues, you may have a case against Indivior. Start by acquiring your medical documents, talking to licensed experts, and consulting a lawyer. These are some of the numerous options. 

The appropriate lawyer will likely assist you in receiving your entitled money.

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