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Boost Your Property’s Appeal and Returns with Strategic Art Placements

The real estate market witnessed a notable rise, with U.S. house prices climbing 6.4% in December 2023, following a 5.6% rise in the previous quarter. 

Prime locations, particularly Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, contribute to this growth, and foot traffic in these areas also plays a critical role. However, there is a crucial yet often overlooked factor: art placement. 

Art goes beyond simple decor or museum exhibitions. It significantly boosts a property’s market value. This guide will show you how strategic art installations are not just for aesthetics. Let’s begin!

Boost Your Property’s Appeal and Returns with Strategic Art Placements

Enhancing First Impressions: The Entryway as a Canvas

When someone enters your property, the first few seconds can set the tone for their entire visit. Strategically using art in the entryway can make a powerful impact. So, you must choose pieces that reflect the overall ambiance of the place. 

Take inspiration from Chicago’s Magnificent Mile artwork, where eye-catching exterior art by artist Andy Bellomo decorates the underground areas near Avenue. It was for a city-funded mural project called “Undercurrent”- a collaboration between GNP Realty Partners and the Magnificent Mile Association. 

The results? It not only beautifies the area but also draws in commuters and passersby. The artwork’s success has proven beneficial for building owners, increasing foot traffic and contributing to the area’s cultural vibrancy. 

Cultivating a Theme: Consistency Matters

When choosing art for your property, picking pieces that create a unified look is important. Whether your real estate has a modern and simple style or a bold and colorful one, the artwork should enhance this feel. 

For example, a high-end apartment might feature sleek, abstract art that reflects elegance and luxury. This attracts upscale tenants who appreciate such an environment. Likewise, a corporate office building might display motivational modern art that promotes creativity and innovation. This kind of environment can attract businesses looking for a dynamic and inspiring workspace for their teams.

All in all, a consistent theme in your art pleases the visitor’s eyes and strengthens the property’s brand, making it more memorable and desirable. So, always ensure that your art choices are beautiful and blend with your space's overall character.

Dig Deeper: Reflecting Local Culture and History

Art can connect your property to its local area by showing off the region’s culture or history. This makes it more engaging for the community and appealing to those who value authenticity. 

Let’s understand this with an example. A building on the Magnificent Mile could feature sculptures and paintings that echo Chicago’s architectural and commercial dynamism. Similarly, a coastal house might display marine-themed art that captures the essence of its seaside environment. 

By adding local art forms, historical depictions, or cultural symbols, you not only decorate the space but also create a sense of place. This approach can attract tenants and visitors who are drawn to properties that reflect and celebrate the unique aspects of their location.

Audience Engagement: Interactive Art Installation

Interactive art installations can make your property more engaging. These artworks respond to the movements or touches of viewers, creating a unique experience for each visitor. 

For example, a digital display in a lobby might change colors and patterns as people walk by, captivating the audience and making their visit memorable. 

Including such interactive art elements shows that your property values innovation and visitor interaction, making it a standout choice for tenants and clients looking for dynamic and engaging environments.

Property Appreciation: Art as a Marketing Tool

Art can be a powerful marketing tool for your property. Well-chosen, high-quality art enhances your real estate’s image, making it stand out in listings and promotions. When potential tenants or buyers see that your property offers a visually enriched environment, it raises their interest and the perceived value of the space. 

For example, featuring unique sculptures or striking paintings in your advertising can capture attention and draw in more inquiries. This helps in faster leasing or selling and can also command higher prices. 

In essence, by positioning art strategically, you signal that your property is not just a space but a thoughtfully curated place to live or work.

To Sum It All Up

Studies have shown that environments with visual art can reduce stress and increase productivity. It makes them more attractive to businesses and residential tenants alike. Simply put, strategic art placements can transform your property, increasing its appeal and market value. Just remember, art is not just decoration—it’s a smart investment. Consider art an essential part of your property strategy to see its true impact on appeal and returns.

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