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16 Tips to Sell Real Estate Quickly

A house can take several months to sell. From start to finish, it can add stress and drastically reduce your time. Ideally, sell quickly. If you stay organized, plan, and are priced to sell, you can move real estate fast.

Besides first-time homebuyers, there are also public and private investors seeking properties. The market is hot right now, and buyer demand skyrockets. Take advantage. Here are some key tips for selling real estate quickly that work!

16 Tips to Sell Real Estate Quickly

Be Accessible

You can only sell your house fast if you're available for showings. Be flexible and accessible. It only takes one buyer to close the deal.

Up Your Curb Appeal

Landscape the yard. Fine-tune curb appeal to catch the eyes, increase value, and make a positive first impression. Repaint your front door, add a new house number and mailbox, add some fresh flowers, trim bushes, and remove dead leaves. Also, keep the outdoor lights on at night if a buyer drives by.

Sell Your House for Cash

Many homeowners have the mindset of "I want to sell my house fast." Anyone looking to sell real estate quickly can turn to cash buyers. Private and public parties will pay for your cash home, bypassing wait times and paperwork. If you need the property sold as soon as possible, it never hurts to inquire about a cash buyer.

Remove Furniture Clutter

Unused furniture or clutter can make your home seem smaller than it is. Pack away any items in the way. Adopt a minimalist approach to every room. Scale down as much as you can within reason.

Deep-Clean Your Home

Take a long look at your house. Make it clean, tidy, and neat. Key places to clean include kitchen countertops, cabinets and appliances inside and out. They also include floors, shelves, bathroom counters, toilets, tubs and showers, closets, windows inside and out, and any basement or garage.

Depersonalize Your Home

Remove all family photos, political and religious items, children's artwork, and anything that marks the home as your territory. In their place, use neutral art. When you depersonalize, buyers can imagine themselves living in the property.

Update and Renovate

Even if you cannot afford significant renovations, you can make minor updates to ensure a house is ready to sell quickly. These include repainting cabinets and cupboards, replacing doors and windows, repolishing the floor, upgrading light fixtures, etc.

Rooms to Focus On

The bathroom and kitchen are the best rooms to put your budget into updating and renovating. Many buyers will look at these to see what's current and what isn't. Third is the main bedroom.

Repaint in Neutral Colors

It doesn't hurt to repaint the inside of your house, eliminate scuff marks, and fix up the walls as best as possible. If you paint your property in neutral colours, it will often have a more appealing aesthetic conducive to buyers.

Determine a Competitive Price

Pricing real estate is tricky. If it is too low, buyers will suspect. If it is too high, buyers will not buy. Look at your local market to determine the best price for the property you're selling.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent knows the ins and outs of selling a house. Many can help you sell your property quickly at maximum value. If you need more clarification about a pricing strategy or how to market real estate, an agent is the expert to turn to.

Take Amazing Real Estate Photos

So many real estate ads are posted online. This is where many people discover their next home. Ensure you've taken some fantastic high-definition images that show your house in its most attractive light.

You should also hire a photographer. This professional can get you the best-looking photos. They may also be able to do a drone video walk-through, create a floor plan, and complete a range of image and video editing to present your home correctly.

Consider Staging Your Home

Stage your home for HD real estate photos and viewings. This will present your home in the best possible light and show off your property's true value.

List Your House Everywhere

Ensure your real estate is listed in as many mainstream places as possible to maximize coverage.

Market Your Home to Sell Fast

After you have your real estate listings up, aggressively market them on social media. Post, answer questions, and encourage sharing. Execute a well-planned marketing strategy, and you will be rewarded.

Plan an Open House

Invite potential buyers to check out your house on a weekend in an 'open house' format. Be there to answer questions or show prospective buyers around. This can create a positive buzz around your listing.

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