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7 Ways to Increase Income

Updated: May 16, 2022

In these 7 ways to increase income we will briefly look at some easy wins that should give you a few ideas and ways to increase income in both the short and medium term.

7 ways to increase income
7 Ways to increase your income

1. Watch the news and read the newspaper.

Knowledge is power, and if you know what's going on in the world, you'll be able to have conversations with anyone, and demonstrate your worldly knowledge about what's going on and current affairs. Read money savings and investment books to build knowledge on finance.

2. Look smart and look professional.

As well as making a good first impression on all those you meet you should also continue to look your best whenever possible and especially in a professional environment clean clothes smart shiny shoes iron shirts need haircut well shaved and clean all portray a serious professional individual who is either going places or wants to go places.

3. Become a natural at the art of conversation.

By saying hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening to as many people as you can, including strangers when the need arises, you are developing your art and your skills of casual conversation that will make it much easier to converse in professional and business environments, and will demonstrate your ease and natural ability to converse at all levels.

4. Look people in the eye.

Look people and especially your bosses in the eye when you talk to them. This provides an air of trust and sincerity for future discussions, and people can see what you say is the truth, and it will build trust and rapport, and ultimately is one of the best ways to increase income over the medium term.

5. Always negotiate.

If somebody offers you a job and the salary doesn't quite do it for you, or the terms and conditions are not quite as you had hoped, don't just accept the job, negotiate, especially if you think they really want you, as this way you should be able to squeeze an extra 10% in base salary and maybe a few extra perks, just on the basis of either a letter, email or a quick telephone conversation with either your hiring boss, or the HR manager. A great quick way to make money

If there is no flexibility then don't push it too hard and ruin your future chances, but it's always worth negotiating at the outset as this is when you hold all the cards, and is one the top proven ways to increase income through employment.

6. Remember your body language.

Body language and posture speaks volumes to onlooking bosses and staff. Make sure you try to keep a good posture and body language in a positive way, such as smiling, nodding and looking interested, as opposed of slouching, sitting, or putting your hands in your pockets at the wrong time, or looking bored or tired.

7. Always try to sell yourself in a positive light.

Try to upsell yourself and blow your own trumpet as it were, but in a casual and subtle way, don't dwell too much on the negatives, things you can't do or struggle with, people and bosses want to hear positives but in a natural way and they don't like people boasting too much ,so with this tip you need to raise your skills whilst not appearing too bullshi.

In summary, some of these ways to increase income directly come from asking for a pay rise during pre-job negotiations, whereas others are more tactical and long term plays, such as continuing to look good, look smart, and professional, portray a good strong body language and obviously mention yourself at the appropriate times in a positive and strong light.

Good luck, and lets us know any other ways to increase income you can think of.

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