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7 Best Practices for Doing eCommerce on Amazon

If you have a product to sell, you might miss out on sales if you're not selling it on Amazon. Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, you can benefit significantly from Amazon e-commerce. You don't have to host and maintain your website. You can get your products noticed by countless customers who shop for what you have to offer.

7 Best Practices for Doing eCommerce on Amazon

Here are some tips for doing e-commerce on Amazon so you can get started quickly and learn how to make the most of this popular platform.

Understand Amazon's rules and follow them

Before you think about Amazon ecommerce, understand all their rules and guidelines. You will not sell products on Amazon if you try to go against their rules.

So, read all of their seller guidelines, take the time to figure out how their e-commerce platform works, and be sure you also understand what Amazon customers think and expect when ordering. Everything will run smoother once you know exactly what you can and can't do.

Be meticulous about maintaining your inventory

Whether you handle everything independently in your facilities, rely on Fulfillment by Amazon, or have chosen ecommerce fulfillment services, you must manage your inventory correctly. You can't afford to see your products run out of stock.

Amazon customers expect to receive their orders as soon as possible. If you receive an order for a product you don't have in stock anymore, the person who placed the order will not be happy about the long delays. So ensure you always have enough products in your inventory, as your brand's success and reputation depend on it.

Attract customers with optimized listings

To sell on Amazon, you need great product listings. You can't just take a blurry product photo and write a basic description. For optimized listings that attract customers, you need plenty of high-quality photos and a few videos. You also need compelling product descriptions that tell customers exactly what your product can do, and you want these descriptions to feature relevant keywords.

Why? Take SEO seriously and use keywords in your descriptions and titles to help potential customers find your product listings. On the other hand, if you don't use keywords, no one will know about the products you're selling. And no one will buy them.

Set competitive prices for your products

Any product you want to sell on Amazon must be priced competitively. If you set a price that customers consider too high, they will buy from your competitors instead.

But how can you know if you're setting the right price for a product? By comparing your listing with listings for similar products, of course. And remember to keep your prices updated. If all your competitors rise, yours will need to move up.

Fulfill your orders as quickly as possible

One of the most helpful tips for Amazon's e-commerce success is to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Remember that Amazon customers expect fast shipping.

So, check your orders daily and ship them quickly. Consider Amazon fulfillment services if you need more time to pack and ship orders daily. They will take care of these processes for you and could even manage your inventory so you don't have to worry about products running out of stock.

Don't forget to confirm the orders you ship

When you ship an order, you must navigate to your Seller Central Portal, click on the Orders tab, and click on "Confirm shipment."

As soon as you do this, Amazon will send a shipment confirmation to your customers, who will know their order is on the way. This improves customer service. However, you must also remember that Amazon will only charge a customer's credit card when you confirm that their order has shipped.

Be sure to provide excellent customer service

Finally, provide excellent customer service to all your customers. Let them know immediately if their order will be delayed, answer their questions, and reassure them.

By being responsive and helping your customers resolve any issue with their orders, you will show them that your brand is reliable and cares about customer satisfaction. Your customers will then be more likely to leave you a positive review and place another order for the products you sell in the future.

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