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Family & Group Money Coaching

Family & Group Money Mentor

With our family or group money mentor session, you will have an initial teams or phone call to review your current position, and also what you wish to get out of our coaching sessions. This discussion is most often completely free of charge for you.

Then if you wish to continue with our sessions, we would sort out a confidentiality agreement, just to ensure that anything discussed with you and your group is kept private & confidential for obvious reasons.

We would then carry out a full review of what your family or wider group wishes to learn and achieve from our mentoring plan.


We can create various different types of plans and plan duration's for your requirements and needs, and will be very happy to discuss the options available with you in detail.

Our money mentor sessions and plans cover:

  • Your up to date financial position & estimated net worth

  • Any Objectives, plans and goals you already have or need to be set

  • Your current spending habits & needs and wants

  • Your financial  vision for the future

  • What financial products available to you and the group

  • How to achieve financial freedom in the medium to long term

Having a money mentor to support you along the journey, gives you a much better chance of success than trying to do it alone. It’s like having your own personal fitness trainer, but for money instead!

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