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Couples money coaching

Couples Money Mentor

A couples money mentor session will consist of an initial telephone call to discuss your own personal situation, and what you hope to achieve with our help. This call is usually free of charge.

If you wish to proceed with our program, we issue a confidentiality agreement, ensuring anything discussed is kept completely private & confidential.

We then conduct a full financial health check by asking clients to complete a form setting out their current financial position. This will include all income, outgo, debts and assets.

Your financial hopes and aspirations will also be sought at this stage.

We can structure various different sorts of programmes and duration's for your needs, and can discuss the options with you.

Our couples money mentor sessions will cover:

  • Your current financial position & net worth

  • Objectives, plans and goals

  • Spending habits & needs and wants

  • Your financial vision

  • Financial products available to you

  • How to achieve financial freedom

Having a money mentor to support you along the way, gives you a much better chance of success than trying to do it alone. It’s like having your own personal fitness trainer, but for money instead!

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