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Browsing for Coupons: Hunting for Savings Codes and Vouchers Online

Eager to snatch up the best deals, you've equipped your smartphone with barcode scanning apps and diligently cut out coupons from the Sunday paper. Yet, even you — a shrewd bargain hunter — might be unaware that your computer has the potential to take over these cost-cutting tasks.

You can enhance web browsers such as Chrome or Safari with browser extensions, handy plug-ins designed to automate your quest for discounts.

Here are our top recommendations for browser extensions tailored to online shopping enthusiasts. Here are the coupon browsing tips you can get from browser extensions.

Hunting for Savings Codes and Vouchers Online

Top Extensions for Easily Finding Coupons

Now, while hunting for saving coupon codes, you can save on almost everything. You can even find a bride online with a discount coupon. Here is a list of best mail order bride sites, some of which allow you to use coupons. This applies to everything from buying food to finding a bride or a room abroad.

1 Rakuten Cash Back Button

Rakuten's innovative Cash Back Button, a browser extension, streamlines the process of earning cash-back rewards for its members. Instead of needing to start at Rakuten's website, users can simply activate cash back while shopping directly on a retailer's site, plus benefit from the bonus of auto-applied coupon codes during checkout.

With a dynamic array of cash-back rates from an extensive list of participating retailers, Rakuten provides the opportunity to compare and select the most beneficial deals. Enhancing the shopping experience, the extension conveniently highlights cash-back offers alongside Google search results for products available from its network of stores.

2 The Camelizer

The Camelizer is created by CamelCamelCamel, a website dedicated to monitoring prices on Amazon. This tool allows shoppers to track the historical prices of products available on Amazon, helping them understand the typical price of any item. This way, shoppers can determine if a current sale truly offers a better deal compared to the usual selling price.

With the Camelizer browser extension, users gain access to price history graphs directly on Amazon product pages. This means that while you're considering buying that Beats Bluetooth speaker, you can effortlessly check its price fluctuations over time right before making your purchase decision.

By the way, there are VPN browser extensions that also allow you to save money, but they work a little differently. They allow you to anonymously search for products, protected from dynamic pricing, or even order from foreign stores. All you need to do is check this link and you will get access to 2500+ VPN servers. You can connect to anyone and gain access to overseas stores where your local retailers stock.

3 PayPal Honey

PayPal Honey has become a go-to browser extension for effortlessly finding coupon codes at various online shops, proving its effectiveness time and again. Instead of the hassle of opening a new tab to look for discounts and deals on aggregator websites, continue your shopping experience uninterrupted and allow Honey to seamlessly search for savings in the background. Should any coupons be discovered, applying them during checkout is straightforward.

Additionally, the Honey extension ensures to offer price comparisons on Amazon, maximizing your savings potential. Furthermore, through the rewards program now known as PayPal Rewards, Honey users have the opportunity to gain cash back on qualifying purchases. Simply by activating rewards during your shopping session and completing a purchase, you earn a percentage back at participating retailers.

4 Capital One Shopping

Capital One has also entered the realm of cash back and coupons, offering a deals site and browser extension named Capital One Shopping. This service is available to everyone, not just Capital One customers. Simply add the extension to your browser and sign up for a free account to start. Once set up, you'll automatically receive coupon codes while you shop online, along with opportunities to earn cash back at numerous retailers.

5 CouponCabin Sidekick

Much like its counterparts, the Sidekick browser extension by CouponCabin amalgamates coupon codes alongside chances to earn cash back during your shopping spree. Boasting compatibility with over 6,000 retailers as per the information on their website, it stands on par with Rakuten’s browser extension by also highlighting cash back and discount opportunities directly within Google search outcomes.

6 Klarna

Klarna, a prominent payment processing firm, has recently expanded its suite of offerings by acquiring the browser extension Piggy. Following the acquisition, Piggy was seamlessly integrated into Klarna's ecosystem and rebranded with the company's name. This enhanced tool continues to empower online shoppers by automatically detecting the best prices, applying discount codes, and offering cash-back incentives directly at the checkout. Compatible with over 20,000 online retailers, including well-known names like Macy's, eBay, Walmart, and Nike, the extension simplifies saving for shoppers across a broad array of platforms.

7 Honey

Honey, a versatile online shopping tool, seamlessly searches for and applies any applicable coupons during your online shopping sessions. It also vigilantly keeps an eye on the prices of items you're interested in, thanks to its Droplist feature—sending alerts when prices drop to your target amount. An impressive Amazon comparison tool is part of Honey's arsenal as well, ensuring you get the best deal by comparing prices across Amazon's own products, third-party sellers, and even other retailers—taking into account shipping costs and Prime membership benefits.

Owned by PayPal, Honey enriches your shopping experience by offering PayPal Rewards as you shop when it's linked to your PayPal account. These rewards can accumulate over time, transforming into cash, gift cards, or credits for PayPal shopping. Although it may take some time to gather a substantial amount of PayPal Rewards, it represents an additional opportunity to save on future shopping endeavors.


Explore the websites of these online shopping extensions to find more details and download links compatible with your preferred browser. Some of them also offer cashback services or product scanners. That is, you can save on purchases, sometimes even several times.

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