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How health cash plans can improve stress management in the workspace?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

What are health cash plans:

A Healthcare cash plan is a fee you pay a certain amount of money a month that goes towards any medical bills you have such as medical, and dental expenses or any physical or mental appointment you may have.

Each month you pay a percentage of money for example you might pay £15 a month which goes to a savings of £100 to cover any dental or medical bills you have over the year.

Also if you have any money left over that you haven't used you can book up any appointments to use the money up as it renews every year and you can't use it again.

health cash plans can improve stress management

Health cash plans in stress:

Health cash plans can help to improve the mental well-being of employees, it can cover things such as therapy sessions, counseling helplines, GP surgeries, or any leisure activities. Also, some health cash plans include support services that help with mental illness for their employees.

This is to ensure employees who need help with mental health as soon as possible are treated straight away.

Active care with occupational health helpline positives:

This program provides employees with early intervention and proactive support from day one of absence, it helps to reduce stress and help them to recover from mental health. HR teams can also receive professional support to help them if they have any mental illnesses.

It helps people feel better and return back to work feeling better about themselves and their mental health. If people are back at work with a healthy mind they can be more productive and work better in stressful conditions allowing them to enjoy their workspace more and look forward to getting up in the morning.

Occupational health care plan:

This gives people unlimited access to a UK-wide team of occupational health nurses and physicians to reduce stress or any pressure they might feel. This plan also provides all of the benefits of active care which can get them out of the house and get fresh air.

It also helps employers to manage the ongoing health and well-being of employees by providing health services to help them manage their mental health.

A brighter future:

Helpline services can reduce absences and help people to be at work, they have a positive impact on many people and help them a lot with their mental health.

  • 92% of organizations who introduced or revisited their well-being benefits in 2014 reported a positive impact on absence levels

  • 88% of organizations who involved occupational health professionals in 2014 reported a positive impact on absence levels

Are health cash plans worth it:

If you are a person who will claim more out of your healthcare cash plans than you pay towards it then it is a good idea to get one, however, if you don't get ill that often or don't require many dental expenses or medical treatments for that year then all your monthly payments can end up being more than you've claimed back.

For a lot of people, the NHS is very affordable but for some, it can be difficult and for that, you can claim exemption certificate.

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