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How to Achieve YouTube Monetization

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

First, if you’re going to monetize on Youtube you must pass the Google AdSense review process, which can take up to 2 weeks from submission. What happens is Google AdSense will analyze your channel and content and determine whether your channel has the ability to earn ad revenue or not.

How to achieve youtube monetization

Google checks the following:

  • total number of channel views,

  • average number of video views per day,

  • average watch time,

  • subscriber count,

  • and engagement (total likes, comments and shares).

If your channel passes the review process then you are good to go!

Make sure you have a good enough quality video

To be able to monetize on YouTube you will need good enough quality video, it needs to be at least 1280*720 or 480p if your using an iPhone or iPod.

You’ll also need high enough bitrate and audio quality (128 kbps and 48khz). Make sure you don’t use copyrighted material, such as music, movies, tv shows.

This will not get your video approved for monetization. Also make sure you have something in mind that you want people to watch before you upload because it doesn’t always happen immediately after posting.

Add high quality content to your videos

To be eligible for YouTube’s partner program, a channel must have an average of at least 10,000 views per month and at least 1,000 subscribers.

In addition, videos do not need a minimum number of views or subscribers in order to generate revenue through advertising.

So if you’re able to get your video in front of enough people (like by hosting it on third-party sites or promoting it on social media), then your video can start earning money from ads.

We have some tips for increasing viewership in our guide . But again: If you want that ad money, don’t forget to make sure you meet those minimum views every month!

Get views and subscribers on your channel

YouTubers typically earn revenue from their channels as follows:

via advertising or through Youtube’s Partner Program. If you want your channel to be eligible for YouTube’s Partner Program, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months.

If you want to sign up for ads on your videos or get paid by a brand for sponsored content and collaborations, there are no hard requirements—but it helps if you can show that lots of people watch your videos (you should also read AdSense’s requirements).

For example, if you have 2000 views on a video that can be considered successful enough.

Use some keywords in your video title

If you include keywords in your video title, it makes it easier for people who are looking for information about that subject to find your video.

If you’re trying to accomplish monetization on Youtube, then it is a good idea to have keywords in your title and descriptions.

This also helps when people search for those keywords when looking for videos as well.

The best way to include keywords into titles or descriptions is by creating an SEO Title and Description Template based off of what you’re targeting in your video.

Look at the key words in this video from our youtube channel.

Partner with other channels in similar niches

It’s no secret that YouTube creators live and die by their subscribers, so it’s important to build relationships with other channels in your industry.

You may have noticed that many of YouTube’s biggest stars are also in a band, or have another job on top of their videos. Why? Collaborating with other channels draws viewers from multiple sources.

For example, if you launch a campaign with another creator, each of your channels will then gain exposure from each other’s audiences.

Take a look at the youtubers best friend tubebuddy on the link below!

sign up to tubebuddy

Get involved in the YouTube community

The best way to get more subscribers is by engaging with other content creators in your niche. It's not just about getting views, although that helps too.

People will want to subscribe to you if they know you'll be posting on a regular basis. This can help draw new eyes and ears into your content, which can attract future followers and make you look even more reputable as a YouTuber.

You also can find people who have already established large followings (known as influencers) in your niche who are willing to work with you.

Share your own personal experiences through blogging and vlogging

By blogging about your life and sharing your experiences, you are creating an outlet for people with similar feelings and emotions.

You create an emotional connection between yourself and other viewers through these real-life accounts of your everyday adventures, allowing them to connect with you on a deeper level.

They can relate their own experiences back to yours and share in your content as a way of learning from one another. These platforms become community centers; not only do they provide entertainment but also give a sense of belonging that so many people are in search of online.

This helps others find support during difficult times, especially when they feel isolated or have no one else that really understands what they’re going through at that moment.

Promote your channel on social media

Promoting your YouTube channel and videos can be confusing, especially when you're starting out. Not all social media platforms work for everyone and there are some secrets that make it easier for influencers to get their content seen by more people.

A great way to figure out which social platforms work best for you is asking your existing fans where they found your videos or what platforms they prefer watching.

For instance, if 70% of your subscribers found you on Facebook and 20% on Instagram but only 10% subscribe via YouTube, it may be a good idea to put a little more time into growing that second platform.

Another advantage of promoting your channel is gaining more subscribers, so it's useful in multiple ways!

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