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How to make £100 a day uk

Updated: Mar 23

Updated: 2 days ago

Making £100 in a day in the UK can be challenging but certainly not impossible. All you need is the appropriate information and the determination and tools to make it happen. If you believe it'll happen without any effort on your part, you'll be sadly disappointed and you may even give up before you see the rewards.

But if you're willing and able to put in some basic work and research, these tips can show you how to make £100 in a day with a side hustle or two!

How to make £100 a day uk

1. Dividend income from a portfolio of stocks:

If you already have a portfolio of stocks and shares, or you are considering setting up and growing a portfolio of stocks, then this is a tried and tested means of making 100 pounds a day or more.

First of all you would need to decide what platform to use to buy and grow your portfolio, I personally use the etoro, IG or Freetrade platforms as they are easy to use and provides detailed information on company shares and their respective dividend dates and payment amounts.

You can look at the FREE Trade Platform here as an example. But just make sure that you have a reliable and high-speed internet like Spectrum for that. You can go with any provider available in your area but it has to have amazing speed tiers so that there are no lags while doing this significant task.

When you have decided upon your platform, you will then have to decide what income generating stocks and shares to buy. Such information is beyond the scope of this blog, but in general terms you are looking to buy good solid and reliable income generating stocks and shares probably from the FTSE 100 or 250.

Examples of these are the likes of BP, Shell and Glaxo Smith Kline.

As you can imagine this method of making £100 pounds in a day is not instantaneous, and you need to build your portfolio gradually and hold onto your stocks and shares for a while until they start generating an income.

I have been doing this for many years, and can confirm I now see a regular flow of £100 per day dividend payments from my portfolio.

2. Capital appreciation from individual stocks:

A quicker but more risky way to make money, and easily make £100 in a day from it is buy selling the capital appreciation of a stock that has go up in value. (although there is no guarantee that the stock will actually go up in value of course.)

For this method you would need a stocks and shares broker or platform such as the freetrade platform noted above. Then you need to carefully study and select a potential fast growth stock in order to realise your potential capital growth.

For example you may decide that a small oil company in the Footsie AIM market has outstanding prospects for a major oil find, and thus share price increase, and you may decide to buy £1000 worth of shares in that company.

If that company receives positive news then the share price is likely to shoot up for example by 10 or 20%, resulting in your capital value being worth circa £1,200. You could then take the profit as an income for yourself.

But just for clarification, you will not be able to earn £100 per day everyday as it all depends on what the markets are doing and especially what your individual stock picks are doing, but it is certainly possible to make £100 per day or more on occasion.

3. Risk Free Matched Betting:

First of all, don't panic by the use of the term betting. As you will see once you dig deeper into the subject of matched betting you will appreciate that although you are using bet makers or bookies you will not actually be betting in the traditional sense of the word, i.e. you may or may not win.

With matched betting you are using a combination of the bookmakers free money offers and regular bonuses in order to provide some tax free income for yourself.

The term matched betting simply comes from the fact that unlike in regular betting when you place a bet on one team or another to win, thus leaving you with a chance of loss, matched betting places a matched bet that you will both win and not win. i.e. you are covering off all eventualities.

I have used, and still use, Odds Monkey for matched betting, and can confirm it works, and you are certainly able to earn £100 or so a day with some effort.

Take a look at my review here now I have passed the 100 pound mark, or click on the banner below to see exactly how it works and sign up for free.

4. Spread betting:

If you have some experience in the financial markets and have already gained experience from standard stocks and shares buying and selling, then you may be able to try your hand at spread betting in order to make £100 per day on as many days as you choose to.

A quick word of warning though, whilst making £100 per day or more is indeed very achievable and fast, an inexperienced or out of control spread bettor can easily lose 100 pounds or more without proper risk control.

I have accounts with both IG index and etoro, both of which provide a decent service. I do tend to use IG index more often for spread betting for the simple reason that my dividend generating portfolio is held with etoro and we all know that diversification is prudent!

Without going into too much technical detail on this short blog the aim of spread betting is to select an asset, for example a stock share or commodity like gold, and then decide if you think the price of that asset will rise or fall in the next hour day week or month etc.

In short if you are right you will win the spread bet and can collect your tax free cash anytime you want, but if you are wrong your account will show a negative balance and you will need to decide whether to close the position with their loss or hold the position in the hope that your fortunes will be reversed.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a really good way to make money, and if you already have a blog or a large social media following, then you can make £100 in a day from it if you know what you are doing.

In summary, affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else's product or service and receive a financial fee (commission)for every sale or referral you make. There are lots of different affiliate programs now available, so you can easily find one that's a good fit for your own niche

Wealthy Affiliate is a well known and reputable blogging platform for would be affiliate marketers. Take a look at their site here for a FREE introduction lesson.

Please note it can take many months even several years before you can generate enough traffic to see revenue coming in from your affiliate marketing campaign.

How to make £100 in a day UK - Conclusion:

When it comes to making money fast, you have to remember that the possibilities are endless and there's no one-size-fits-all solution to the search for fast cash.

However, if you're willing to put in the hard work, these tips can help you make £100 in a day. So get started and see how much money you can make!

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