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Property Documents Needed to Buy a Property in Leicester

Are you buying your first home in Leicester? Well, a lot is waiting for you on the way. Conveyancing in the UK takes up to three months because of the lengthy legal process.

If you’re buying property for the first time, you should contact a conveyancing solicitor in Leicester to help you.

Property in Leicester

A conveyancer will help you follow the proper channels when purchasing property to save you time and money.

Your AVRillo conveyancer should also help you get the necessary documentation you will need to make your conveyancing successful. These are some of the documents you require when buying property in Leicester.

1 – Title Deeds

The land Registry does not retain the title deeds if the property has been sold under the right to buy. Alternatively, the deeds are retained by the mortgage lender if you’re buying your property on a mortgage or loan.

Title deeds are important documents that you need when conveyancing in Leicester. If you hold the deeds to the property, you want to ensure it is kept in a more secure place.

2 – Indemnity Insurance

When buying property, you should have a copy of indemnity insurance or restrictive indemnity insurance policy as your property solicitor requires. The solicitor will explain this in their report if they need indemnity insurance.

3 – Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The EPC is a document that is included in the sale by law. This document will show how the property you’re buying is energy efficient and how much you’re likely to spend on heating and lighting your home.

4 – Buildings Survey

When buying property in Leicester, you should conduct a proper property search. A building survey is vital in finding out all issues on the property, such as drainage, mining, and the environment. When building a property, you should survey the property for any problems that may cost you in the future.

Remember, you should survey the property before coming to an agreement or contract with the property seller.

5 – Property Information Form

When buying property in the UK, you will need a property information form, also known as the TA6 form. This form is completed by the property seller and comes with a lot of information on gas meters, electricity, and water stop cock. The document also clarifies who is responsible for the boundary fences.

6 – Warranty

When buying a new build in the UK, you should get a copy of a new home policy or NHBC warranty documents. Your property solicitor should help you get a new home policy that suits the type of home you are buying.

Final Thoughts

When buying a new home in Leicester for the first time, you should have some of the documents listed here. You must also carry out due diligence and search on the property you are buying. This will help you avoid any costly mistakes when completing. Consult a conveyancing solicitor to help you get all the documents needed for a successful conveyancing process in Leicester.

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