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Quidco Review 2023

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

There are thousands of cashback and special offer websites out there, and it can be really hard to find out which ones are genuine and offer real cashback and useful deals.

Most of them thankfully are genuine and offer their members real cashback and decent offers. Read on to find out more from our Quidco review 2023.

Quidco review 2023

Quidco already stands out from the crowd as a market leader with its straightforward brand name. Quidco is a consumer website, where you can browse through many online stores and find great offers almost instantly.

When you browse and shop on online stores via Quidco, you are sure to save money on your online shopping and be rewarded with great CASHBACK DEALS!

Quidco Review 2023: Overview

Quidco started in 2005 as a cashback service offering cashback on purchases made from some of the UK's top online stores.

Quidco managed to quickly gain the attention of thousands of bargain hunters and before long news of the website spread all over the country with members from every corner of the United Kingdom signing up and earning a FREE £5 bonus.

Quidco is like a one-stop-shop for anyone who likes shopping online because they offer cashback on almost any internet purchase.

Quidco is not just a 'cashback site' – Quidco is a website that offers other perks too.

Whether you are looking for cash back, special offers, money off vouchers, or free delivery, Quidco has it all in one place!

Quidco Review: Getting Started with Quidco

Signing up to Quidco is very easy and once you sign up, Quidco will automatically start to monitor the websites where members browse, checking for any new offers.

Quidco usually approves all purchases within a few hours of buying your products online, but make sure you go through the Quidco link before you buy or you won’t get created with the cashback purchase.

Quidco also sends out an email when it looks like you may have deals available or cashback available. Quidco also offers you a Quidco Mini if it thinks there are cashback deals available on your purchases.

The Quidco minis will appear from the Quidco homepage and show any purchases which Quidco thinks may be eligible for cashback.

So How does Quidco work?

There are two separate plans for Quidco members: the basic plan and the premium plan.

The basic plan is completely free to use, and you even get a bonus £5 to start off with. Some users feel it's the best option for them because they don't have to pay anything and still can get exciting offers from 4,500+ retailers.

Quidco members have also the option to upgrade their Quidco account at any point if they so wish.

You just have to pay £5 each year and can use the premium services. Here's what you'll get:

-You can earn cashback from 4,500+ online retailers (Amazon, Argos, etc)

-You can use features like Quidco High Street, Quidco ClickSnap, Quidco Compare Features

-No advertisements on the Quidco website

-You can get 50% higher top-up bonuses when you withdraw your earnings as e-gift cards at selected partners

-You'll get exclusive access to extra bonus promotions and seasonal cashback offers

-You'll get a chance to win a monthly £250 giveaway

-You will get exclusive access to promotional super draw prizes worth up to £25,000 a year

The Quidco Mobile App

The Quidco mobile app can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android device for free.

Quidco has optimized thier website to work perfectly on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Quidco members will easily be able to browse through thousands of offers and cashback deals and coupon deals.

Quidco pros and cons

Just like any other website and web application, Quidco also comes with several pros and cons.


1. Quidco gives you cashback on most things you can buy online

2. Quidco lets you choose from a wide range of retailers (4,500) and offers different products

3. Quidco lets you earn extra cashback on top-up bonuses

4. Quidco lets you get special Quidco shopping vouchers

5. Quidco lets you get Quidco free delivery vouchers


1. Sometimes Quidco can take a while to pay the cashback, if the retailer hasn’t paid them first.

2. There is a slight chance that you will not always receive your cashback rewards if they don’t register.

Quidco Review 2023 Conclusion

Quidco is one of the best cashback websites on the Internet, and certainly in the top two.

Quidco offers a great service and will make your shopping online experience more rewarding and cheaper. Quidco will save you money by allowing you to earn cash back rewards that can be used on later purchases.

Quidco is simple to use and offers all members a great service and features. I have been using them personally for about 8 years now, and can thoroughly recommend them as a genuine cashback website.

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