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The Ultimate Boilerjuice UK Review | Including a Boilerjuice Discount Code

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Boilerjuice is the UK's Number 1 Heating Oil Marketplace. Founded in 2004, BoilerJuice was created by a group of friends who wanted to make ordering heating oil easier, cheaper and more convenient.

Over the past 16 years they have grown in size, but kept their core aim the same:

To help you find the best heating oil price in your area, quickly and easily.

They continue to be independent of any heating oil company and provide a totally impartial service, delivering millions of litres of heating oil, to thousands of customers every week. Read on to find out more, and get a boilerjuice discount code!

Boilerjuice UK Review

Get £5 off your first Boilerjuice order with discount code G7EW8A2V

Who are Boilerjuice?

Boilerjuice is a unique boiler service that provides buyers with a new and refurbished boilers at an affordable cost. With the company's nationwide coverage, they are one of the top boiler installers in the United Kingdom.

If you're considering getting a new boiler, Boilerjuice may be a good choice for you. They'll help you by coming to your home and doing all of the work for you so that it doesn't need to be done on your own. There are many reasons why people use their services, but most importantly because they offer the best price.

Boilerjuice offers various packages depending on what size boiler you want, which can range from 50-500 liters per hour. One of their best deals is the fixed price installation which includes 10% off and free legal documents; a huge money saver for those who want to save cash.

What do Boilerjuice do?

Boilerjuice is a boiler service that comes to your home or business, so you don't have to. These services come in handy for all sorts of reasons, like when there's a need for boiler repair. When you sign up with them, they will keep track of your boiler's life cycle and offer affordable maintenance to make sure it doesn't break down.

As a cherry on top, the service also offers energy saving solutions that can help you save money! - There are lots of reasons why someone might be interested in this service; whether it's because their current boiler is broken, or if they want some preventative care for their appliance.

Boilerjuice was founded back in 2006, and has been servicing homes ever since. They're an accredited member of British Gas Blue Efficiency Scheme, which is an indication that they are committed to providing quality heating services to customers.

Boilerjuice login

Will my oil delivery be more or less expensive?

An oil delivery can be pretty expensive, but luckily you have some options. You can try to keep track of how much you use by yourself, which is difficult. Or, you can sign up for a service that tracks it for you and orders your next delivery when necessary.

This way you don't have to worry about forgetting about when your next order is due or having to call every time your tank gets low. Plus, there are a lot of services out there that will let you pick the frequency of deliveries based on how often you run your heating system. When it comes down to it, signing up for an oil delivery service might be more convenient than doing it yourself!

There's no need to calculate exactly how many gallons you're using or what day your last delivery was - these companies take care of all that for you. And they'll also send a reminder when it's time for your next one so that you're never caught unprepared again. Whether you want them to come monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or even just once per year - these companies have the option for everyone.

Boilerjuice Price Chart

boilerjuice price chart

Boilerjuice oil Price

The boilerjuice oil price reflects the best deal they can secure against current competitive markets, which move up and down every day based on a number of external factors.

It is more expensive to order oil in an emergency, i.e. next day, so it's best to order when you know you can wait a week or two for delivery.

Can Boilerjuice be trusted?

Boilerjuice are upfront about the investment required for any particular job and do not simply overprice their goods to rip people off. Whilst this is admirable, it does mean that people who wish to hire a boiler repair service may have to make an upfront payment to them, which they are unable to reclaim if they decide the service is not what they need.

However, when we spoke with customers of the company, one customer explained that we recently got our boiler repaired through BoilerJuice and I can honestly say that they did an excellent job of repairing my boiler quickly.

With such a positive review it makes us wonder whether Boilerjuice deserve such damning reviews on Trustpilot. We contacted Boilerjuice to get their side of the story and they told us When you have engineers working on site in your home, at times there might be some wear and tear as we often take off panels or other materials.

We don't want to overcharge you for these bits but sometimes it means that you end up paying more than expected. To fix this issue, Boilerjuice offers a 10% discount card (valid for 12 months) so customers know what repairs will cost before booking in the work.

boilerjuice discount code/ boilerjuice voucher code

Get £5 off your first order with code G7EW8A2V

Boilerjuice offers a discount code at the end of their blog post, which is an incentive for signing up. However, the only way to contact their customer service is through email.

What if you need help on the phone or have questions about the boiler installation in general and how it works with your household's needs? You are unable to receive any type of hands-on assistance and must ask all your questions beforehand.

This can be frustrating for those who may not know what they're doing, especially when there are more complicated appliances that require professional attention and expertise.

The company also does not provide other service related information like emergency plumbing, heating maintenance, and gas safety certificates. Boilerjuice claims to offer customers the best rates available but we couldn't find where this information was listed on their website.

In addition, their minimum purchase order is 500L which some homeowners won't qualify for unless they are purchasing new boilers altogether.

If these stipulations sound like something you could work with then this might be worth checking out as a potential resource but keep in mind that customer service seems less than reliable during times of crisis and they don't seem like they want our business if we don't live in London either.

Boilerjuice - The bottom line

As the UK's leading online heating oil marketplace, they have worked hard throughout the years to bring customers a great experience, from the moment they log on to the website, to after their order is delivered.

Whether you want to place an order, ask a question or have a problem that needs solving, their fully-trained Customer Services team are only a phone call or email away, offering a helping hand or a friendly word to support you.

Save Time and Money

The service is hassle-free and there are no membership fees, just consistently competitive prices.

Get Our Best Price, Every Time

They compare prices from suppliers across the UK to find you our best quote for your cheapest heating oil price, every time you order.

Get Instant Quotes 24/7/365 Days a Year

You don't have to waste time phoning around - simply enter your details into the quote form to view instant online prices.

Find Suppliers You Can Trust

Thery only work with reputable Suppliers - this ranges from small, family-owned independent businesses to larger national companies.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Pay Less

By grouping orders by postcode district, they help to reduce the number of deliveries to your area and decrease CO2 emissions which also helps to reduce the price you pay.

Support Your Local Community

Every time you order with BoilerJuice, they will make a donation to a group or charity of your choice through our Communities Programme.

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