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What is the Tubebuddy Extension?

Updated: May 18, 2022

The Tubebuddy extension is designed to make your YouTube video making experience much better, including enhancing the video player, making it easier to record videos from your screen, identify popular key phrase searches and create thumbnails with ease.

If you’re curious about the Tubebuddy extension, this article will tell you all you need to know about what it does and how to get started using it on your PC or Mac computer.

What is the Tubebuddy Extension

What does Tubebuddy do

The Tubebuddy extension allows you to watch YouTube videos, with either normal or high quality resolution, while downloading them and simultaneously saving them on your computer.

You can then watch a video later offline, or download it again in another country if it's blocked there.

The extension also has an option to automatically mute any other tab that plays sound so you can play music in one tab and watch a video on another without having to mute/unmute tabs when switching between pages.

When did Tubebuddy start

It all started when YouTube needed to create a way for viewers to share their favorite videos. They developed an add-on that was completely free and open source, meaning it would never cost users money or restrict its functionality in any way.

If you don’t know what an extension does, think of it as a piece of software that works within another program (in our case, Chrome) to give you additional features.

what is tubebuddy

How can you use it

If you’re wondering how you can use tubebuddy and why it’s an essential Chrome extension for video producers, you just need to ask any Youtubers who currently use it.

Tubebuddy can save literally hundreds of hours per month for youtubers by assisting with SEO, tags, titles, and video thumbnails.

It is easy to use, and is integrated inside the YouTube platform. Another top feature of tubebuddy is the keyword search facility, which enables you to enter your keywords in a search bar, then it will tell you how many people search for that keyword, how much competition there is for that keyword or key phrase, and suggest alternatives that may be better for your own money making channel.

This can save an awful lot of time and effort by making videos that no one searches for and therefore no one would watch even if you did make such a video.

Where can you get Tubebuddy

Web extensions are often produced by developers as add-ons to their websites, or they are produced by people and companies that want to create a browser add-on.

If you’re interested in creating an extension for browsers such as Chrome, you can go online and check out places like CodeCanyon.

You might be able to find some good templates or starter kits there that will help guide you through building your extension, but if not, there’s also a good chance you can find something with search engines. Use them!

How much does it cost

$29.99/month for unlimited social media tracking and a free trial (allows you to check your analytics with 20 minutes worth of posts).

For more in-depth analytics, you can opt for a Pro version (pricing varies) or get HubSpot’s small business plan, which includes access to all Tubebuddy features at no additional cost.

The Bottom Line

If you want to use a tool like TubeBuddy, you need to be aware of its inherent limitations. It can't do everything for you, but it can help with some of your SEO basics and offer advice on how to increase your search rankings and income further.

Even if you find TubeBuddy's advice to be overly simple, remember that it still took effort on your part to read and implement what it suggests. Just getting those extra viewers won't happen without a bit of effort.

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