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Where to find a Premium Bonds Odds Calculator?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Premium bonds are a type of savings bond issued by the United Kingdom’s National Savings and Investments (NS&I). These bonds are an extremely low-risk investment, with the lowest possible loss being 0% if the holder of the bond never cashes it in.

NS&I does offer premium bonds directly to the public, investors are eligible to purchase them directly or online.

This article explains where to find a premium bonds odds calculator and how to use them effectively.

Where to find a premium bonds odds calculator

How To Use A Premium Bonds Odds Calculator

Premium Bonds have proved so popular with Britons that they now account for over £60m worth of prizes paid out each year.

The game, which is run by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), allows you to purchase multiple chances – known as ‘bonds’ – in different prize categories every month, for a small cost of £1 per bond.

The total value of prizes on offer depends on how many people buy them: overall, more than £25m in cash prizes are given away every week. In 2022, NS&I had issued over 178 billion Premium Bonds.

Try this premium bonds odds calculator for an insight into your chances of winning a prize premium bonds calculator from money saving expert

What Is The Best Way To Get An Award Amount From A Premium Bonds Calculator

In spite of everything, it's still hard to believe that Premium Bonds is going digital.

Where once upon a time, your only hope of ever seeing your winning prize money was if you could remember what numbers you'd entered into which weeks and waited for someone at National Savings and Investments (NS&I) to release them - now, there's an app.

Well, two apps, actually: there are separate iOS and Android apps available through Google Play and Apple’s App Store respectively.

But even with smartphone compatibility, NS&I still insists on printing off more than £80 million worth of Premium Bonds each year - so it may be some time before they go fully digital.

How To Calculate The Odds Of Winning In Premium Bonds

The chances of winning in Premium Bonds are calculated differently from other forms of gambling. Rather than having a set chance, there is an underlying chance for each draw. These are calculated based on sales and number of prizes available.

The sum total is then divided by either 1 or 2 depending on whether you buy one or two tickets respectively, meaning your own personal chance depends on how many people have previously bought tickets as well as how many prizes are still left unclaimed.

This means it’s theoretically possible for one person to win every prize in every draw – although they would need rather more luck than most!

Which Financial Institutions Offer Premium Bonds And Where Can I Find Them

Premium Bonds are primarily sold by one large financial institutions, which is the National Savings and Investments (NS&I).

Premium Bonds can be bought from them online or in person from any of their offices. They may also offer Premium Bonds on their websites, with links to access them.

There is no fee attached to purchasing Premium Bonds.

premium bond calculator

What If You Want To Hold More Than £50,000 Of Premium Bonds?

If you want to hold more than £50,000 of premium bonds then you will have to do it via your partner or spouse, or through your kids, who can all hold up to £50,000.

How Many Sets Of Premium Bonds Should I Buy, Or How Many Different Numbers Should I Enter In A Premium Bond Calculator?

Premium Bonds are great savings tools that offer fantastic prizes, including cars, holidays and even cash; they're also incredibly affordable and easy to enter, with each bond costing just £1.

The only issue is deciding how many Premium Bonds you should buy - or how many times you should enter your number in a Premium Bond draw.

What Does 'Rollover' Mean On The Web Pages Of Financial Institutions That Offer Premium Bonds?

The word rollover is more commonly used in relation to Premium Bonds than with most other types of investment.

If you have any money left over from previous purchases that you haven't yet claimed, then that money will roll over into your next purchase.

If you win cash prizes in excess of £25,000, your winnings are rolled over into future prizes - if you don't claim them within 30 days.

Any non-cash prizes won for fewer than six months are also re-rolled into future prizes - but only if they're worth more than £25k.

And if your Premium Bond wins are greater than £100,000 and you choose not to claim them at once, they'll be added back onto your bond as bonus units.

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