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What are the Best Investment Books for Beginners?

Updated: May 16, 2022

While the world was in lockdown and the global economy ground to a halt in 2020, many people turned and decided to investigate the world of personal finance.

The personal finance categories on social media skyrocketed as people tried to gain control of their financial position.

Some people became fearful of losing their jobs and wanted to know how to give themselves a safety net and make their money go further, or even reach financial freedom.

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Best Investment Books for Beginners

Others now had the time to think what they are truly passionate about and wanted to know how to make that dream financially feasible in their life.

With interest rates at an all-time low the traditional bricks and mortar savings accounts were out of the question; the obvious answer became investing.

So, with millions of new people looking to gain the knowledge to invest successfully, what are the best investment books for beginners?

Master The Art of Money - Phil Bellamy

This book is a must for the bookshelf or Kindle of any budding financial expert and a perfect investment book for a beginner. It strives to enlighten you and level up your knowledge on financial literacy, helping you upgrade your skills and knowledge in the saving and investing world.

It also seeks to help you understand how money and the financial system works.

The goal of this book is to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to provide for your own financial freedom, and not to become a victim of the financial system.

best investment books

How to own the world – Andrew Craig

This book is an amazing guide and one of the best investment books for beginners. This book teaches you all about money and investing and the life changing ramifications of doing so.

Andrew Craig has a backstory of working in London, the finance heart of the world. In 2011 he created a personal finance website. This book is truly powerful and shows you how you can make more money from money.

Stock market investing for beginners – William Bradford

This book is one of the most important and influential books in the investing sphere. It is therefore a must as one of the best investment books for beginners.

This book teaches you the basics of the stock market, and what it is, different types of markets and most importantly how to invest in the market most efficiently.

It will guide you from how to capitalise on a market/global economic crisis to how to generate long term passive income and everything in between.

It also includes an exchange traded fund and stock picking guide which Is extremely useful for first time investors.

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens – Robert Kiyosaki

This book is great if you want to try and teach your teenagers about the value of money and investing. If you are a beginner at life and not just investing, this book is one of the best.

It is not overly complicated but provides an in-depth approach to the topics of saving and investing following the key principles of how to make your money work hard for you.

This book is crucial for teenagers as it teaches them they have the potential to compound more money than any adult, as they have far more time. This book with give teenagers a required lexis in finance.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

This book is an inspiring history of Robert Kiyosaki and another must in the bookshelf for best investment books for beginners. This book will give you a different perspective on money and the way to perceive it and treat it.

It tells of the history of Robert Kiyosaki and the two main inspiring people in his life. You learn how money shapes his opinions of money and investing.

This book destroys the long-standing myth that you need to be a high-income earner to be rich. This book demands that you stop working for your money and start making it work for you. I highly recommended this book it is truly an inspirational story.

Best investment books for beginners conclusion

So, hopefully one of these books will boost your investing experience and take you from novice to expect. I highly recommend all these books and would recommend you read more than one.

I hope in doing so you will have your own thoughts on which are the best investment books for beginners.

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