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How to make 5000 in a Month UK ?

Updated: Mar 23

To make £5,000 in a month in the UK is not as hard as you may think! To start with, make sure you identify what your strengths are and what motivates you. Make a list of all the things you're good at and which activities give you most enjoyment.

Then make another list of all the things that drain your energy and just don't interest you. Get clear on who YOU are, and then you can find out how to make £5000 in a month!

How to make 5000 in a Month

Next, decide how much time each day is realistic for YOU to spend working on this goal, like how many hours per day or per week. Once you've got that nailed down, break it down even further into what you can do in each hour to make progress.

For example, if you want to write a book, in one hour you could research your topic, in another hour you could outline your book, and in another hour you could start writing the first draft intro chapter.

Now that you have a plan, it's time to take action! Let's take a look at some realistic ways of how to make £5,000 in a month in the UK.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to go out and create your own product/s. You simply promote someone else's product and get a commission for every sale you make. The sky really is the limit here, so £5,000 is very achievable.

There are many different affiliate programs out there, so find one that aligns with your interests and start promoting.

We recommend taking a look at Super Affiliate System PRO's FREE introduction lesson. As well as being Free, it provides a great overview of the opportunity.

As you are likely to have to create interesting and informative content for your affiliate marketing project, it is best if you can find a subject matter that you are interested in and passionate about.

For example it could be about automobiles or cars, or fishing products and accessories, or fashion or beauty products, or even weight loss and diet products, but these are quite popular and so saturated at times.

You should also be aware that if you are planning on generating natural traffic through your blog, then this can take many many months, and even years before you generate enough traffic to earn a significant income.

The alternative to waiting this long for traffic is to use paid traffic either through Google paid adverts or Twitter and Facebook, but you will need to do some research on how to create cost effective and appropriate marketing campaigns, so you don't end up spending more money on marketing than you actually earn from your affiliate sales!

2. Investing:

If you want to make your money work for you, investing is a great option. You can invest in stocks, real estate, or even cryptocurrency. But you have to remember that investments carry risk, so make sure you do your research before investing any money.

However, if you somehow manage to reduce the risks and strike it big, you could easily make 5000 in a month.

Here at money mentor we love earning passive income from investing in the stock market, and holding our dividend paying investments for the very long term.

If you don't know much about buying and selling stocks, then you can always simply learn about it on IG Index I have an account with them, and you can set up a practice account with them.

This is certainly a method of creating 5000 pounds per month on a regular and consistent basis, and of course the beauty of this method is it's entirely passive, month in, month out, we don't have to do anything other than monitor our investments maybe once or twice a year.

That said, in order to generate 5000 pounds of income per month in a relatively safe environment, you need a capital sum of circa 1,000,000 pounds, so it is not a get rich quick scheme, more likely a get rich slowly scheme over many many years and decades of saving and investing.

3. Start Freelancing Jobs:

If you have certain skill sets like graphic designing, content writing, coding or programming, etc., there are many freelance websites that you can use to find work. You can get hired by high-paying clients who are looking for someone with your skills.

All you need to do is set up an account on these websites, such as online freelance working or Myfreelance paycheck and start bidding on projects. However, it won't happen overnight, you have to gain some experience and work on your skills.

Freelancers can earn some serious cash if they have skills that others want for example expert SEO help, content writing, or even coding for a website. If you can find a highly sought after niche, then you will be able to charge some serious fees and quite easily achieve 5000 pounds per month from your freelancing work.

In addition to going to places like freelance websites to find work, you can also choose to start a freelance business. For example, if you have graphic design or drawing skills, you may want to consider materializing n your work concretely. You could make custom pin badges, keychains, mugs, etc. based on your artwork and sell them at art fairs or open an online store.

By doing this, it is easy for you to earn 5,000 a month. If you want to start such a business, consider finding a reliable manufacturer to make your products for you, such as Pinbadges Co.

Want to start your business now? Go Website at Pinbadges Co.

4. Sell your Product and Services:

If you have a unique product or service to offer, there's no reason why you can't sell it online. You can create a website or use an online marketplace to sell your products and services.

Take a look at our book Master the Art of Money currently being sold on Amazon as an example of what you could do.

And if you're good at marketing and selling, you could easily make 5000 in a month from this venture.

5. Create your Blog:

Blogging can be a great way to make money online and it also doesn't require any special skills. You can start a blog for free on platforms like WordPress or Blogger and then start monetizing it by adding ads or affiliate links.

You could also promote your own products and services on your blog. And if you stick with it and keep publishing quality content, you could eventually make a lot of money from it.

Take a look at the very popular Wealthy Affiliate Bogging Platform to get an idea of how it works.

make 5000 per month

Blogs are a great way of creating an income generating asset, but as we have mentioned before many people assume they can write half a dozen or a dozen articles and expect them to be found in Google within a few weeks.

This just doesn't happen in the real world, in order for your blog to be a success you need to understand the realistic timeline is up to two years, with a constant addition of new high quality and lengthy content as set out in this blogging roadmap.

Many new bloggers start of using a blue host and WordPress combination to begin with and they work well together, and are easy for beginners to use.

It is not unusual for a new blog to generate absolutely zero traffic and zero income for at least a few months from the date of your very first blog.

But, if you have a long term plan and are able to continue generating content over the period, of probably at least one to two years and between 100 and 200 high quality articles, then you should certainly see your natural site visits increasing and thereafter you can monetise your site to increase revenue.

There are many websites and blogs that can generate well in excess of 5000 pounds per month from residual income, once they have done the groundwork.

How to make 5000 in a month UK - Conclusion:

So there are some different ways to make 5000 in a month UK. It all comes down to what you're willing to do and how much effort you're willing to put in.

Choose one (or a combination) of the methods listed above and start making some money!

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