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What are Shares?

Updated: May 18, 2022

When most people think of the stock market, they imagine brokers shouting orders on the trading floor or people flipping through pages of financial data. But what are shares, and how can this knowledge guide you on how to buy shares?

In short, Shares are a popular investment tool that can be used to grow your money over time. Shares are a way for people to own a tiny piece of a larger company, i.e. a share of that company.

What are Shares

You are liable to become a part-owner of a company when you buy shares of that company. You can vote on things like who will be running the company and what its plans are.

In this article, we'll cover questions like what are shares, how they are bought, the risk of owning shares, and why they're important to stock market investing.

Definition of Shares

Shares are a type of security that represents an ownership stake in a company. When you buy shares, you become entitled to certain rights. They may include voting rights and the right to receive dividends.

However, this means you are entitled to any money that the company makes. You will only make money if their company makes money and pays out dividends (a share of its profits).

The more you own shares of a particular company, the more control you have over the company.

You should also be familiar with the different types of orders you can place when buying and selling shares.

A market order is the most common type of order. With a market order, you buy or sell shares at the best price available at the time the order is placed.

Another type of order is a limit order. A limit order lets you specify the maximum or minimum price you're willing to pay or accept for a particular stock.

How Can Shares be Bought?

When you ask the question: what are shares, you will know that shares can be bought in several ways. The most common way to buy shares is through a stockbroker, who will buy and sell shares on your behalf.

You can also purchase shares through a share dealing service, which is a company that specializes in buying and selling shares.

Shares can also be bought through an online broker, which is a broker that allows you to buy and sell shares online.

Online share dealing is also becoming increasingly popular, as it allows investors to buy and sell shares quickly and easily.

Whether you want to buy shares through any of these means, they involve similar procedures. They include:

● Open an account with either a stockbroker, fund manager, or a special dealing service.

● Transfer the money you intend to use to buy shares into the account.

● Use the money to buy shares with the help of a stockbroker, a fund manager, or a special dealing service.

In doing this note that the stockbroker, fund manager, or special dealing service will charge a commission for each transaction.

What is The Risk of Owning Shares?

With the knowledge of the question of what are shares, you must know that shares are a risky investment. There are several risks associated with owning shares.

The most obvious risk is that the price of the shares may go down, which could lead to a loss in value on your investment.

If the stock market is doing well, the price of shares will go up. If the stock market is doing poorly, the price of shares will go down.

That's to say they can go up or down in value and you can lose money if you sell them at the wrong time.

Another risk is that the company may go bankrupt, in which case you may not receive any money back. It's important to do your research before buying shares and to only invest money that you can afford to lose.

However, if you're thinking of buying shares, here are some questions you should research about:

● What is the company's track record?

● What is the company's outlook?

● What is the current stock price?

● What is the company's dividend yield?

● What are the company's debts and liabilities?

● What are the company's assets?

● What are the company's risks?

● What are the company's prospects?

Why Are Shares Important in The Stock Market

Shares are important in the stock market because they represent ownership in a company. When you own shares, you are entitled to a portion of the company's profits, and you have a say in how the company is run.

Shares can also be sold, which means you can make a profit if the share price rises.

Shares can provide you with a regular income stream through dividends, and they can also appreciate over time.


If you can answer these questions, you'll be in a good position to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy shares in a company.

Always remember to consult a financial advisor if you're unsure.

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Bumne Habit
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