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Where to buy gold in the uk

The quest for gold, a timeless pursuit that spans civilizations and cultures, continues to captivate investors and enthusiasts alike. For those in the United Kingdom seeking to embark on their own golden journey, the question arises: where can one buy gold with confidence and security? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various avenues and reputable sources where individuals can purchase gold in the UK, ensuring a safe and informed investment experience.

Where to buy gold in the uk

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1. Reputable Dealers:

a. The Royal Mint:

As a symbol of British heritage and quality, The Royal Mint stands as a trusted source for purchasing gold in the UK. The Mint offers a range of gold products, including Sovereigns and Britannias, known for their historical significance and high gold content. The Royal Mint's online platform provides a convenient and secure way to buy gold directly from a renowned institution.

b. BullionByPost:

BullionByPost is one of the largest online bullion dealers in the UK, offering a wide selection of gold coins and bars. Established in 2008, the platform has garnered a reputation for reliability and competitive pricing. BullionByPost provides customers with the option to purchase gold for delivery or storage in a professional vault.

c. Chards:

Chards, with a rich history dating back to the 1960s, is a family-run bullion dealer known for its diverse range of gold products. The company operates both online and through a physical store in Blackpool. Chards offers an array of gold coins, bars, and commemorative pieces, appealing to both investors and collectors.

2. Online Bullion Platforms:

a. BullionVault:

BullionVault is a unique platform that allows users to buy and sell physical gold and silver at live market prices. The platform facilitates the buying and selling of allocated bullion, and users can choose to store their gold in professional vaults in London, Zurich, or New York. BullionVault is known for its transparent pricing and accessibility.

b. GoldCore:

GoldCore is an international bullion dealer that provides an online platform for purchasing gold and silver. With a presence in the UK and other global markets, GoldCore offers a range of investment options, including allocated and segregated storage. The platform caters to both individual investors and institutions.

c. Atkinsons Bullion:

Atkinsons Bullion is an established online bullion dealer based in the UK, offering a wide selection of gold and silver products. The platform allows users to purchase gold coins and bars at competitive prices. Atkinsons Bullion also provides storage options for those looking to secure their precious metals in a professional vault.

3. High-Street Jewellers:

a. H. Samuel:

H. Samuel, a well-known high-street jeweller in the UK, offers a selection of gold jewellery, including gold coins and commemorative pieces. While primarily catering to the jewellery market, H. Samuel can be a convenient option for those looking to buy gold in a physical store.

b. Ernest Jones:

Ernest Jones is another reputable high-street jeweller that offers a variety of gold jewellery and watches. Similar to H. Samuel, Ernest Jones may carry gold coins or limited investment-grade products in-store. It provides a familiar and accessible option for those interested in buying gold in person.

4. Gold ETFs:

a. Hargreaves Lansdown:

Hargreaves Lansdown, a prominent UK investment platform, provides access to gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Investors can buy shares in gold ETFs, gaining exposure to the price movements of gold without physically owning the metal. Hargreaves Lansdown offers a user-friendly platform for managing investments.

b. IG Group:

IG Group, a leading online trading and investment platform, allows users to trade a variety of financial instruments, including gold ETFs. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with gold-related assets.

5. Physical Auctions:

a. Bonhams:

For those with an interest in rare and collectible gold items, auction houses like Bonhams offer a unique opportunity. Bonhams occasionally hosts auctions featuring gold coins, jewellery, and other precious items. Participating in such auctions allows buyers to acquire unique pieces with potential historical or numismatic value.

b. Spink:

Spink, a renowned auction house specializing in coins, banknotes, and other collectibles, occasionally features gold items in its auctions. These auctions cater to both seasoned collectors and investors looking for unique and historically significant gold pieces.

6. Financial Institutions:

a. Banks and Investment Platforms:

Some banks and financial institutions in the UK offer gold investment services, allowing clients to buy and hold gold as part of their investment portfolios. Check with your bank or investment platform to explore the options available for purchasing gold.

7. Considerations and Tips:

a. Research and Due Diligence:

Before making any purchase, conduct thorough research on the products, dealers, or platforms you are considering. Verify the reputation of the seller, check customer reviews, and ensure that the gold products meet your investment goals.

b. Transparent Pricing:

Look for sellers or platforms that provide transparent pricing, detailing any premiums or fees associated with the purchase. Understanding the total cost of acquiring gold is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

c. Storage Options:

Consider your preferences for gold storage. Some investors prefer to store physical gold at home, while others opt for professional vaulting services or secure storage facilities. Ensure that the chosen storage method aligns with your security and accessibility requirements.

d. Verify Authenticity:

When buying physical gold, particularly coins and bars, ensure that the products come with proper certification of authenticity. Reputable dealers provide this documentation, giving buyers confidence in the quality and purity of their gold.

e. Diversification:

As with any investment, diversification is key to managing risk. Consider diversifying your gold investments across different forms, such as coins, bars, and ETFs, to create a well-balanced and resilient portfolio.


In the United Kingdom, buying gold is a venture that requires careful consideration, research, and a keen eye for reputable sources. Whether you opt for established dealers, online platforms, high-street jewellers, or financial institutions, understanding your goals and conducting due diligence are paramount. The diverse options available cater to a range of preferences, making the acquisition of gold a flexible and accessible endeavor for investors and collectors alike. As you navigate the landscape of where to buy gold in the UK, may your journey be guided by knowledge, prudence, and a passion for the enduring allure of this precious metal.

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